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Gregs LX
By Greg, 09/11/15
  • Autobiography The reason for my mk2 cavalier ownership affliction was that I was brought up sat in one travelling the country on holiday and going to school in one. My grandad onwed one and obviously my parents had a couple. I managed to get my granddads cavalier commander after my first car (mk3 escort) kept letting me down. It was great , and I bought another one for parts (as that had been abused and was in a state). It kept the other going for a while, but they were both scrapped in the end due to the dreaded rot. Before I had to turn my commander into a fridge (I got £2.50 scrap for it back in 1997.....shocker). I managed to buy what was my most desirable (affordable) car......the white LX. Mainly due to being 18 or 19, the insurance was cheaper but it looked good (in my eyes). I collected it from High Wycombe and thats when it started. I used it to run to uni and about to my part time jobs, but when I got my first job after uni, it burned more oil than petrol on the 75 mile round trip so had to be replaced (by a diesel vectra) and thus it was left at my parents awaiting a little tlc. To be honest, it wasn't that bad when I parked it up 2002, but it filled with water and rotted out whilst it was sat......for 6 years. I got married in 2007 and my wife fell pregnant. Since I thought that I wouldn't have time to sort out the white LX when we had children, I thought that 9 months would be plenty of time to sort it. Well, Fraser is 7 and its still ongoing. Work, family life, moving home twice has all hindered the rebuild, but it will happen one day.

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