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  2. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    I had intended to put the car back on the road, but family issues took over & I didn't have the time, or the money to do anything for many years. As things stand, I'm selling the house (and garage) in which the car is sat, and don't have anywhere to store it where I'm moving to. I don't really want to see it go for scrap if I can avoid it, hence my bringing it to the attention of the forum. I'd rather it went to someone who could maybe restore it & get a few more miles out of it. Fingers crossed someone will be interested in the next few weeks. Regards
  3. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    Love it......a well used (and well loved) specimen. Have you thought about keeping it and getting it back to its former glory or is there something else ready to fill up the garage?
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  5. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    It's a 1600cc petrol engine, converted to run on unleaded petrol. Manual gearbox and no power steering-something you take for granted these days. Its probably done around 170,000 miles, and it's ventured as far as the top of Scotland, and even over to the continent on one occasion. It was bought new by my father (who worked for Vauxhall) and I bought it off him when he got a newer car (Astra).
  6. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    Hello Andy, I love the fact that these cars are still about. Thanks for bringing it to the club first. Is it a 1600cc? Manual or auto?
  7. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Things are definitely being run differently for next year. We had a VBOA meeting this morning and LMF booking goes live tomorrow, Monday. The site layout will change, whilst the autojumble will stay where it was everything else will change. We have not seen a plan but the concept is the arena in the middle with stands in concentric circles around it. It looks as if LMF underestimated most things this year, not unexpectedly as it was their first go at it, so next year there will be much more spent on security, toilets, layout, rubbish disposal etc. This means that for the first time, almost in living memory, the day rate is increasing to the next logical amount (to minimise cash handling) of £15 with a weekend rate of £25. Camping will be £21 a night. I will start a thread on it over the next few days.
  8. Estonian Ascona C Irmscher 88'

    Late, but not to late, i hope: W0L0JF690J6021414-74 L W0L - Manufacturer opel/vauxhall 0JF69 - Opel / J-Car platform notchback 4-door basemodel 0 - ??? J - Modelyear 1988 (from 09.1987-07.188) 6 - manufacturer factory Antwerpen 021414 - Production number 74 - ??? L - Left hand drive 80V1781 0JF69 357 80V1781 - Modelyear 1988, following order number 0JF69 - Opel / J-Car platform notchback 4-door basemodel 357 - Upholstery Rallye Twill - grey (includes: dashboardcolor: anthrazit carpet fleece dark grey or velours dark grey inside plastic colors: grey 10 NS 86 AU3 A01 BS2 10 - Color E474 Casablanca white NS – Country??? I dont now, from where came the car? Sweden? 86 - Opel / J-Car platform notchback 4-door basemodel AU3 - 4-door central locking A01 - Tinted glass an windscreen shadeband BS2 - Isolation package 2 CE3 CF4 DK2 DK3 CE3 - Headlamp wash/wipe CF4 - Sliding/tiltable glass sunroof DK2 - Electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors left side DK3 - Electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors right side F59 LE4 MG4 N51 T39 T5X U68 F59 - Stabilizer rear axle LE4 - C20NE Engine (because T5X) MG4 - 5-speed cr transmission N51 - no power steering T39 - additional blinkers T5X - controlled catalyst U68 - Seven function trip computer XJ5 XQ4 XJ5 - ??? XQ4 - Irmscher equipment
  9. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    Thanks for the reply. Some pictures taken earlier today; The car is parked right at the front of the garage, so I can't take a photo of the front of the car. I live in Chester & would be looking for around £750 for a quick sale. Appreciate it's not the best time of year, but I suppose if someone wanted a unique present...
  10. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    Hopefully you have and its great that you have chosen to come to an owners club to ensure the best route for the cars future. In fairness there is more traffic on the facebook side of the site but there are also more idiots and non enthusiasts on there too putting it at risk of someone wanting it to break fir parts for profit or worst still ending up on the banger track. Some pictures would be most helpful along with an idea of price and location too. Bear in mind that a few weeks before xmas may not be the best time. Very good luck and i look forward to seeing some pictures.
  11. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    Hello I'm new to the forum - name is Andy. I have a Mk 2 Cavalier L saloon sat in my garage that hasn't done anything for a few years and am looking for the best route to sell the old girl. It was my first car & it was a runner when I drove it into the garage back in the latter part of 2000, but it hasn't moved since. My initial idea was to lay it up for a short time, but other events meant I neither had the time, or the resource to do anything with the car. I'm now faced with the need to offload the car if at all possible & I think the right person could do it up & make it a runner again. It would need a bit of work to get it roadworthy again. New tyres, a new battery & quite probably a lot of TLC! It has been garaged for the last 17 years and appears to be in reasonable condition. Hopefully, I've come to the right place for advice. Cheers Andy
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  13. Hatchback

    Am excited about doing it my self , but also getting impatient
  14. Hatchback

    Chin up Kelvin.....I actually enjoyed the welding bit. It just takes some time and effort that's all
  15. Does a calibra steering rack fit a mk2 cav ?

    Pump probably the same as well, but there could be an electric pump out there you could use.
  16. Does a calibra steering rack fit a mk2 cav ?

    Thanks for looking .... there rear-a than hens teeth powersteering bits for the mk2’s now 😩 .... Ive found somebody selling astra mk2 powersteering rack looks like its the same ....
  17. Does a calibra steering rack fit a mk2 cav ?

    They are definitely different, almost all the dimensions are out starting with the distance between the centrelines of the mounting brackets. Can put up a couple of pictures if you are interested.
  18. Cavalier Convertible

    Hi Guys, Clearing out workshop and found a box with all new seals, trims, screws and bolts for Mk2 Cavalier Convertible roof. If anybody is interested email me and I'll send through a list and pictures
  19. Hatchback

    I have a sickening feeling that mines going to need a lot more than originally planned .
  20. Hatchback

    Welding is all in the preparation. Which means its hard on these old rusty cars as you find the affected area is bigger than it first looks (to get back to decent metal).
  21. Does a calibra steering rack fit a mk2 cav ?

    Thanks for looking ..... I have a donor hatchback shell that will scrapped soon anybody want too cut any parts from it for repairing theres before i get rid off ....
  22. Does a calibra steering rack fit a mk2 cav ?

    I'll compare mountings in the morning. Too bloody cold now! I doubt it tho'.
  23. Does any body now or tried fitting a calibra steering rack with power steering ..... and does it need the steering column ?
  24. Hatchback

    You can tell me where not to go wrong then ..
  25. Hatchback

    Lol......I had plenty of practice on my white LX, but thanks for the offer
  26. Hatchback

    I've got one more guy to see about the welding, if all fails I'm goin back to school to learn , you can always practice on my motor Greg .
  27. Hatchback

    Madness.....maybe my dad needs to go back to welding up cars if that's the charge now. Hell maybe I should. Good luck with it Kelvin
  28. 85 Cavalier SRi

    Good work Ian, keep fighting the good fight
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