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  2. Hatchback

    Hi Greg, i'm looking for a hatchback 1.6 or 1.8 mk2 with mot distance not really an issue, at the moment I've got a budget of 1100 but will be rising as the weeks go by. Don't mind a bit of work as long as I can do it on the weekend.
  3. Hatchback

    Great news Kelvin, we need some details.....model and budget (condition dependant of course) is a good start, also how far are you prepared to travel to collect? I guess you want an MOT'd one to drive it home? Did you want a project one (budget dependant I guess).
  4. Hatchback

    Hi everybody I'm on the lookout for a mk2 hatchback, hopefully with some mot, I really miss my old one so am on the market for another, can anyone help me please. .
  5. Hi all

    I think you need to pay to become a fully fledged member to put up a project thread. You will save the money on the first part you need for the project so its worth it You can also paste your pictures straight onto the site so no sharing site needed.
  6. Hi all

    Do I have to be a Paid up member to start a Project thread? Can somebody point me in the right direction of a photo sharing site. I have a photobucket account but it says I have reached my sharing limit and they want about $400
  7. Hi all

    Im currently based in Cockermouth near Carlisle but originally from leicester
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  9. Russian Irmscher

    Good job Russian is well er awful, but you can see the you love that car.
  10. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    It hid its rust well.....these old GMs do.
  11. Russian Irmscher

    A review for my car with me and Ascona in main roles)
  12. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Have a gander. (May take more than one session on the bog to get through it! ) This was the opinion of my work colleagues.
  13. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    I would be interested.....its GM and precursor to the mk2.
  14. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Did have, finally sent em to scrappers and bought fairness though, both were rotten.
  15. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Cheers! Should I post up a link to its build thread? Haha! Do you have a garden full of MOT failures?
  16. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    I need to buy another cav for when the mot expires on mine....well that's what ive done in the past and it works well apart from the grief my missus gives me that is.
  17. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Same as you Steve....I need to get another one road worthy before the MOT is up on the daily. That mk1 looks clean
  18. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Not in the best of health at the present time, I reckon I'll continue to use it until the MOT runs out before getting stuck in. Hopefully I'll be better able to fettle it by then. In the mean time, I'm looking forward to extra Cavalier based enjoyment until the roads get salty.
  19. SRI 130 HATCH

    Putting me absolutely to shame! Fair play and keep it up!
  20. Russian Irmscher

    Very nice Viktor
  21. SRI 130 HATCH

  22. Russian Irmscher

    That looks amazing, good work with the project
  23. Russian Irmscher

    Small update! Ascona got its final look. I've been waiting for this moment for 5 years and I am very proud of the job I'd done. In plans to refresh the seats with new fabric close to original.
  24. SRi 130 Saloon

    Looks great in black! Love it!
  25. SRI 130 HATCH

    Looking good mate.
  26. SRi 130 Saloon

    Thank you everyone will keep a update on this thread. need to give a chassis wash and rub off all the corrosion get it undersealed waxoyl under body.
  27. SRI 130 HATCH

    North baddersley, have passed your place many times on way to my mother in law's near the sports centre. Enjoy it now, I enjoy mine lots, when mine was off the road for a bit & I took it to a garage for some work I couldn't do I realised how much I missed driving it.
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