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    Apart from not turning up and taking any pictures yourself you mean Chris? Well it's this: That's everyone who hits FB first and doesn't post up here, and marker for where society is headed. In fact, studies have shown that too much Facebook leads us to believe "we're too busy" or that "life is too hard" to do other things. Crazy erosive to society! And it only takes a google to find... So many are addicted to FB and people would rather talk rubbish with people than they hardly know than post up posts of VALUE where actual conversations can be had, rather than just opinions and clickbait. FB will be here to stay, but has no way to organise content, in it's here today gone tomorrow - let's be nostalgic about cars I kind of like - rather than commit to support their survival kind of way. There were 30+ people on the FB group who said they were going to come to billing - NONE of them showed. 19 said they would come on the club calendar, and 25+ showed. The site is for the few that care at the moment, and the changes Ivan mentions are the tip of the iceberg if we are going to survive collectively everyone who cares enough to have an opinion will need to: * Actively engage in discussions (why when I can sit back and "like this" - basically stepping up) *Actively promote and take part in club stands in a more formal manner (this is chicken and egg, but for so long only the north and south west posse have represented!) *Work together to actively promote the club on FB. (When was the last time that someone who wasn't a core member told someone to join up?) *Crack on and update their garage / forum projects (Greg - yours will be back by end of Aug *Club members up the ante and do cool stuff because it's a good idea - Richie billing hoodies, Greg 35th stickers etc.. VBOA have been screwing billing for us - changing dates, reducing autojumble where the spares day should be part of it - regardless of what they are saying, there are ways around some of the problems they state. Regardless, we are going to request a smaller stand at Billing next year before ours is cut - proactively going for the corner of our existing stand. This will add value to "having the car on stand" and every member will have to have a spec sheet again if they want to attend, and we will have a billing membership to do more with the 1700+ facebook members. As I say, it's a malaise that's killing the whole internet not just car forums - just look at MIG etc. So the solution. Everyone reading this is the solution.. We've got a few other surprises in store for the FB lot, but forums need to adapt to counter too.
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    So she's ready, flew through the mot and 8 hours of cleaning polishing and general pampering we are ready head off in the morning for billing.
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