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    I know you lot down Haverfordwest are a bit backward but tents are cheap enough and taking a cave to sleep in seems a bit old fashioned 😂
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    I’ve just booked my space at Barry island pleasure beach for the vboa rally just in case it changes again 😂
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    C292ALJ is the reg number I'm just having new number plates made atm
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    Newbody - you were not the only one caught out with this. As soon as we get something through we communicate it here. Unfortunately some seem to be taking the "post to social media first" approach - so genuinely this latest one has caught is on the hop too, or we'd have put it on the poll. 😓
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    Option 2 but without us taking tge financial risk and without the 6 month pre booking
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    I thought LMF had done a good job last year, plus fly past was spot on. Seems a shame as LMF stepped in when Billing weren’t interested. What happens if Billing changes mind in 2 years time and kick VBOA out again?
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    Hi all my name is Paul and I bought this jem last year from Dorset. Love driving her but she going to need some work soon.
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    toilets on a sunday as the day went on got quite bad again due to users lack of toilet training and disregard for the facillites and others. People had stuck paper towel in urinals then used them manged to miss the bowl when taking a number 2 the posh loo's someone had found it comical to throw all the paper towels about and flood the sides. Suggestion for toilets have one on each club stand for that club down to them to maintain so more respect should be shown to it and others dotted about for general use Bit more clarity on costing and rules/regs in advance for events running e.g. track pricing the need for helmets and needing full arm coverings to take the car on the track Pricing for the weekend for 3 nights to me was acceptable but for an overnight stop £50/£60 seems steep (only stayed the 2 in the end due to needing RAC home ) otherwise wouldn't have left until today Some other stalls might have helped the Bus/Farm Shop Brilliant saved on tesco run for small bits and what you forgot to bring. Missing some of the other type stalls your sign shops; window tinters; wheel refurbers; the bric a brac/ nik nak stools for those not after car parts Like my missus the general merchandisers; Not going down the auto jumble side as we buy the parts up there will be less to be bought simples but was just the variety of different things missing my opinion. But overall i had a Brilliant Time and a good Laugh with friends already made and met some new faces and look forward to the next event The Planes taking off and landing during the day was added bonus of seeing some old school plane tech and stunt planes as a freebie on the weekend ; Might be a drawing point for Vboa to approach to see if a small show could be arranged to bring in outside of clubs footfall into the weekend . That is pretty much most of the negatives i can think of that i see for the weekend otherwise as said i had a good laugh and enjoyed myself
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    Yeah don't think people really get how hard that is
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    UPDATE - If the weather holds this could be one of the best shows It is clear that VBOA has changed, the old guard has now gone and the new, younger, team is taking it by the scruff of the neck and shaking it, hard. Gone is the day when we subcontract the Annual Show to an outside organiser, it is now in-house and boy, is it changing. Sywell, it is now clear, is a proven and well organised site for self managed shows. So relax, the basic show with all our pitches is still there, no changes as to how we organise or what we put on our stand for example, apart perhaps from a slightly reduced area from last year but that won't be a problem. B-B-Q OK if off the ground and dogs allowed but must not be let loose and no drones as the airfield is operating. Also a limited number of electric power pitches in a different area for £15 a night. VBOA will have a site map out within a few weeks. The usual car parades and best in show competitions will be there. The autojumble is back running through the middle of the stand area not the edge, with a hugely reduced cost to traders which should see lots more of them. We could have a Club stand if any of us want to get together and sell parts there at a knockdown £15 for a 4m x 4m pitch. All the food stands, probably plus a few new ones, plus a huge bar/live music venue indoors in a hanger (bands on Friday and Saturday evenings), onsite cafe and restaurant (part of the hotel) plus a couple of food pubs within walking distance, are there. There are toilets/rubbish points spread around plus central showers and 'luxury toilets' sited centrally. Now for the new stuff! Motorsport - a professionally organised and operated short circuit (around 700 yards) on a taxiway with one car on at a time, untimed (by them), for £25 a time. They will have 'real' cars there to show how its done with passenger rides at £15 to £20. Children's (under 16) activity zone - with climbing wall, football darts, bouncy castle, gladiators, suomo suits etc for £5 a day with Friday afternoon free on a £10 weekend wrist band, pay in advance or on the day. Interclub Challenge - As many Clubs as want to put up an adult/child team in a 'Its a knockout' type competition in the main arena. Current Mk2Cav Members pricing is the weekend ticket (Fri/Sat/Sun) is £45 until 30th April, then £50 till the 21st June when online booking ends. The ticket can be purchased on the door for £55, cards accepted! Day entry is £9 till 21st June then £10 on the door, not £15 like last year. Don't forget you have to be paid up to be on our stand. Historical data on ticket sales is not available to us but this year's are on budget. This show has an interesting set of ingredients taking it well beyond the shows at Billing. It should definitely be worth a visit this year. From now on all the profits are going to be reinvested back into VBOA related activities which is good for all of us on the Vauxhall community. Get booking
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    Hi everyone! First off all excuse me for my english if you see some uncorrect words. I am from Bosnia and I own a blue 86 Opel Ascona wich was my first car even tough I started driving 6-7 years ago, but my father had one back in 98 so it is in our blood :D. After I bought Vectra b 2 years ago the Ascona was no longer in use so now I am coming back to her and I need so much infos about that old lady so I hope I am getting help from you, and I am thankfull for letting me do that. Pictures very soon ! Cheers!
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    Replaced the clutch set yesterday, it was worn to the bone, its a new car to drive now, still getting used to the new clutch as it is soft and sensitive now. Also took a 300km drive to the seaside to visit some friends.
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    New rims on. Not the ones I wanted but got them for free so its fine , would be much more better if the car could go lower but on the rear are allready red lowering springs, and the front is 3cm lower than usual. How do you get this car to go so low because even if the rear axle touches the body there is still room left, I am confused ? There is also this pic from an Opel Meet we had past sunday on a local airport support track, I am the only one with Mk2 cav/ Ascona C. And a few cars from heaven
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    Hi, my name is Alex and I'm Brazilian. I have a Chevrolet Monza 1982 2 doors 1.6 4 gears and I love all the cars of the J. project
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    Welcome to the site. Your standard of English looks pretty good, similar to some of us here already
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    News Pics today!!! wire tuck should be the new way...😎
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    Thank you for your kind words and support! Happy new year aswell to everybody! As seen on the pictures, the underside ( and trunk ) has been painted, to a dark grey colour. I've also drawn some circles around some holes. I dont think it would be smart to leave these like this, but cannot recall if they had something in them from the factory or not? Ofcourse i mean only those that are just holes, not the ones meant for bolts.
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    Another update We have received the following questions, please see answers below. please share this info with your club members One Club member has asked is there a telephone booking option as not every club member is on the internet or may not be happy making purchases on the internet? unfortunately not, as with most things this day and age, it is all operated without the intervention of people. you can however, pay on the gate or I'm sure clubs would be in a position to accommodate the odd one or two members One Club Member would like to know what happens if they take 2 cars,1 motor home and a tent? if it is a case of mum and dad in the camper and 2 kids in a small tent with a show car then this would be the £10 extra car charge. if its 4 mates then it would require 2 tickets. we have a trusting policy and would expect our members to comply, anyone trying it on will be refused entry or charged the extra at the gate. Another wants to know If you come on the Friday for three days camping do you have to pay 3 days for an extra car? no, the extra car charge is just one day Are dogs allowed? yes, same rules as elsewhere, dogs are allowed but must be kept under control
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    Bit of an update this morning from VBOA. As before, we will only let our paid up members on the stand. Thank you to all who have passed the information around to their clubs, such that ticket purchasing has started. From that we have had some feedback, and we have some to pass to you too. Firstly there has been some concerns over how club affiliated attendance is "policed". This will be carried out in more or less the same way it has always been. Its an honesty based system where the person states they are from XYZ club and when they arrive they a) go to that club and b) are supposed to be there. We the VBOA do not verify club membership for purchase/entry based on what the ticket purchaser selects. Secondly, some people have asked or rather were discouraged when it came to booking the tickets as it was understood that Ticketease requires a Facebook account to login and buy. This is not the case. It would appear that they would like you to login with your Facebook account BUT this is not required, there is the alternative method to login (as normal for many, with an email address etc).
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    Took me 4 days to get it all sanded and all the little rust spots removed. At least those i could see. Ive also brushed seam sealer all over the place, which made it look horrible now, but i think another layer of white will not harm anyone. Question aswell. What colour should I paint the underside? I dont think white would be very practical, but if the underside would have been white from the factory then... Another recommendation I got was to do something with the sunroof drainage pipes at the front. From factory they just end at the inside of the sills. No go, I have sealed those completely, the water would have no escape from there. So maybe an attempt to shorten them, continue with softer and smaller diameter pipe/hose, and guide those to the wheel arch?
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    Painted and covered with stone protection. Im going to add another layer of paint on top of it, that is when im done sanding the inside of the car, and painted that with primers.
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    why do you think i bought the estate i couldn't fit my cave in the hatch
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    The chairman of Vboa isn't relayed to Billy Smart is he ??? Because this reminds me of a 3 ringed circus 🤣🤣🤣
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    Plot twist this has more drama then some TV soaps!!!
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    The first I knew was an email at 21.40 that I read half an hour ago. Sounds as if it could have some potential from an initial read. This is it. Good Evening, For the purpose of clarification, when the term “we” is used, it is to refer to the VBOA committee of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and the Event organisation sub-committee. Please read this all the way to the end as there is quite a lot to digest. Voting on the Billing Options The voting and feedback from the two Billing options has been received and of those clubs who responded there is an even split between Option 1 and Option 2, with further feedback from some that neither is tenable resulting in a desire to not show at all. Outcome of the feedback/vote With the results in mind, and taking into account the feedback received from individuals both on social media and direct to this email address, we have deemed it vital to seek out an alternative venue that carries neutral allegiance. To some, this will be viewed as a non-democratic decision, but we feel that attending either Billing or Market Harborough would damage the VBOA and its associated clubs in such a way that recovery would be very difficult. The venue that we have visited, discussed with the management and decided upon is Sywell Aerodrome (http://sywellaerodrome.co.uk/, Hall Farm, Sywell, Northamptonshire, NN6 0BN). This venue has held several automotive events each year, with a prime example being the Sywell classic also known as props and pistons which would be the closest representation to the VBOA National Rally. Goal of the VBOA Show The prime goal for this is to take all the good from Billing and Market Harborough and improve on the not so good (toilets being the most obvious one). We also want to try and bring the general public/car fanatics in, so an element of rebranding will be carried out to step on from the term rally implying a motorsport event to a motor show. The identity of the VBOA National Rally shall not be lost, merely built upon to take it to a new level Venue/Show concept We are looking to hire the venue exclusively for our use for the 5th-7th July 2019, where we will use at least two of the hangers (one is a bar/band area and carpeted), and the other can be for the auto jumble/trade stands so as to protect from any inclement weather. We also intend to make use of the concrete pan for the arena/food vendors akin to previous years which seemed to achieve the festival vibe that has been mentioned. Furthermore we intend to make use of the taxi way to have a 0-60/drag activity, this could also be a part of the parade lap should the desire be there. The attached maps are a high level first pass at how the show could be laid out and given the space available, you would get the same stand sizes and setup (camping on stands) you have enjoyed in previous years. The only exception to this may be that if electric hook-ups are needed for things like caravans, then this would be in a single location with a limited number of pitches available. The space available for the show between the Arena and the far fence, to the North East, (or even the little roadway in from the entrance) is comparable to the area we had at Market Harborough. We do not have a layout for stands as yet but this will be high on the list of things to do and this will come out in time. Also attached is an image from the LAA show there which is focussed on aircraft, but it shows an aerial shot of just what is possible there. As this is an Aerodrome and not a purpose built camp/leisure facility, we will need to supply a myriad of things such as toilets/showers/PR/food vendors/entertainment/security and so on, if YOU or YOUR members can assist in the supply of this or anything else then please come forwards, this show will only be as good as we can all make it so the more involvement the merrier. Hotel We understand that many of you and your members have already booked rooms at the hotel at Billing. Billing is approx. 10 Minutes away from Sywell, and we would look to put on a bus service of some sort for the weekend if the demand is high enough. Sywell have a 59 Room hotel on site, they have fixed their prices at £79/Night with breakfast at £8.50/Person. As they only have 59 Rooms, we suggest you book sooner rather than later, also do this direct with them and NOT Booking.com (http://www.aviatorhotel.co.uk/contact.php or 01604 642111) Entry costs Now, the costs (some of these will be subject to change) Day entry for VBOA members (1 car + 4 people) will be no more than £10/day and working on a weekend entry pass too. Day Entry for General Public (1 car + 4 people) £15/Day Camping would be sold as a Friday-Monday (1 car + 4 people) at approx. £45 Additional car costs will be considered and information will be released but will be favourable. We are looking at options of early bird pricing and also giving 1 weekend camping pass per club as we used to have at Billing. This booking process would be using a dedicated booking agent that links directly to the VBOA. Support As has been mentioned, there is and will be quite a lot to do to make any show at any venue work, even if we were back at a purpose built site for this type of thing, so we need your help. Helping does not mean you or your members are stuck with a job/task for life, it means that you have helped to make the show as good as can be. I have seen a sign in my local rugby club that says “before you complain, have you volunteered to help?”, I think this is a very valid and wholesome approach to anything like this. There is of course much more to plan, prepare and do prior to the show and this is only the start of all the information that will come out, but it is everything we know at this present time. Kind Regards Stuart Lindborg Vice Chairman – On behalf of the VBOA Committee and Event Sub-Committee.
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    Its ok Andy im just sounding off i know you guys and John do your best for us. I'm just hating the way it's starting to appear that Vboa seem to have no clue as to what their doing Yes Paul the new venue does appear interesting drag strip and looks nicer grounds than MH but will it have the feel/vibe that MH had this year Time will tell lets hope decision is made now and no more changes
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    With all due respect what the 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 is going on with the vboa and it's show for 2019 been notified via their Facebook page now billing is out and now another new location. When last I was aware it was billing and we were to vote as a club on way forwards weekend just gone I believe Now out the blue it is now at a new place. Can we please have some straight dialouge of what is happening cause all this chopping and changing is making this seem an utter shambles and more hassle than its worth sorry if I sound like having ago at people not meant to I know you guys do your best just fed up hearing it over Chinese rumours and other places
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    Sorry John I can't vote as I can't commit months in advance as for the last 12years I've attended I've book weeks or days before the show
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    Option 3 for me 😂👍
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    I agree option one with the cars next to camping
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    It looks like the new management team have cottoned on to the fact that having some free (to the residents) onsite variety shows, like car clubs, is a really good differentiator for them compared to their, at least two, competitors in the area, one of similar size. Its win win for them as they make money on them as well. I suspect they got some pretty nasty feedback from their residents the year all the shows disappeared.
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    Basically option 1 with camping beside the cars then
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    I’m the same due to ongoing health issues and not working at present I can’t connit this early, it was a day before mh that I fealt well enough to attend this year it’s gutting that the one show a year I’ve always looked forward to looks like a no go for me next year, maybe a campsite near retro for the night before as a get together like previous years to get me fix of Steffi banter is called for 😂👍
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    Option one sucks no way I’ll leave my cars out of sight with the little scrotes about
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    i can see the benefits of billing, its just like facebook, its a destination site regardless of car stuff going on. you coud say billing is great for people who have to go to a car show that don't like car shows. 😀 MH felt more close knit, like a festival.
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    its weird that the minutes of the last meeting said that MH 2018 was the best vboa rally in 15 years (and 13 of them were at billing) anyhoo. in order for us (the royal us, old vauxhall brethren) to have a billing exactly like 2016 and before, i.e big show ground, camp by your cars, will require vboa paying billing a huge lump in advance to book the site, one that i know vboa cannot cover. Therefore vboa will need clubs to pay in advance, its a huge financial outlay for a club which they probably cannot afford either, so then individuals have got to pay their clubs in advance, actually commit and pay (in this case before the end of the year). i cant speak for mk2cav, but our club people are usually scrabbling for last few tickets right up to the dying days before the event. the alternative no cost option billing, we will be tourists at billing, have to book via billing, get assigned a camping spot not necessarily with your friends or clubs, and that camping spot will be in isolation from the car showing area. showing area much smaller for same reason. at night you will have to leave your car under the careful gaze of Kai and sammy-joe in their transit tipper, or move it back to where you are camping.
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    Right thanks for clearing that up John. I had heard rumours that they approached us not the other way round. Thats the old chinese whispers at work then. What was so wrong with MH? I thought most people seemed happy with the progress of changes at the new site. To reiterate Paul's comments though, you are the man for the reps job. I appreciate its not always easy though, but you have my full support in whatever decisions you make on the clubs behalf.
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    Thanks Paul. No haven't been recently but as I mentioned in answer to Chris's comments the site has changed with much more hard standing sites. All the car shows are now down the turn left after you get onsite. Straight ahead, where VxON and multi Astra sites were is now gone. Where we get our stand is in the lap of the gods but I will try to get us the same location but it is highly likely to be smaller.
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    Its been put to me this morning by more than one paid member of the club, that shouldn't our vote have been discussed between paid up members on here and then put forward at the VBOA meeting?
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    yeah to me billing was becoming a unsafe place , After the last year at Billing is it really safe for anyone ! People who live on the site drinking driving crashing their cars. Speeding all day and night. Pikey kids walking into tents day and night stealing what ever they can get there hands . Saturday night half the ladys toilets flooded and closed. for me its a big step back. Ma
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    Keir, meet up. Yeah. I shall make a point where and when mate.
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