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    First of all, I want to express my unimaginable happiness for stumbling upon this forum. Cavalier mk2, or Opel Ascona, the brand I have are seriously underappreciated cars, and as such I'm having real difficulties finding resources to work. I look forward to using this forum, learning from it and sharing what I can. So, my name is Marko, I'm from Serbia, and I have a 1987 Opel Ascona sedan. The engine is the type that went into Corsa/Nova, the 1.3 S, available on Ascona only in some markets... underpowered slightly, but that's in the books for the future. Car itself is decently good, floor behind the rear wheels needs quite a bit of work and a few tiny patches in passenger footwell mostly. Engine is a long story, I will explain it more closely in some other thread, but long story short, it has been completely overhauled. Dashboard foam is cracked pretty much beyond repair save for replacing all the foam on it, seats have a bit of wear, and I am aiming to reupholster a big part of the car, to rejuvenate it and make it somewhat more modern - basically introduce some more modern materials while maintaining the original shape. Overall, I can write a lot about all the little quirks, all the little upgrades and repairs I'd like to make, but let's not go into it that much here, I will make a thread and post the pictures of it. Let's just say that, once again, I'm very glad I found an active group of Ascona/Cavallier drivers, and that I'll be honored for you guys to be a part of my restoration. Kind regards, Marko
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    Some pretty little things. Preparations. Had to replace 3 doors actually, the one I didnt, has been replaced in the past. So there will be no original doors :D
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    good evening. this is my car from brazil Chevrolet Monza Sr 2 door.
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    Hi all , ongoing mid life crisis has seen me buy another car from my youth , new owner of a sri hatch,all the best
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    think it was viva never really saw a car on there the stand immediately behind the tents on our pitch it will give us parking for non cavaliers and makes our stand a bit bigger 😎
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    Keeping this thread somewhat up to date. So front fenders got some treatment to the inside. Thoroughly cleaned, painted, stone chip protected, and painted again. The outside will be taken care of when they are finally fixed to the car. I have repainted the engine bay again and I think that more successfully this time. Ofcourse its still not show-quality but will do for me. I also have a question. I've gotten some suggestions over time, that I should replace my original (C20NE) camshaft with a 18E one. Is this something worth doing? Does a bare camshaft give me anything or do i need the whole head from 18E?
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    Tell me what happens. We need your car on our stand at VBOA in July next year
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    theres a simple switch fitted on the drivers door, under where the mirror fits if I remember. You only need the actuator/servo motor when you fit remote locking
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    Welcome to the site. Great project car! Be great to get a project thread up and running once you can, so we can track progress.
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    Fantastic update. Really great to see one from as far away as Serbia! I used to see the occasional one in Poland, but never as many as I might have expected to make it across the boarder when east met west! You've certainly come to the right place anyway, we support them all!
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    Yes, 20SEH is the GM name for the engine, it is in the SRi 130 here, as well as early Vectra A/Astra etc so it was fairly common. The 115bhp version is the 20NE or 18SE. If you plan on fitting the injection engine as phase 2 make sure you plumb in two fuel lines from the start. Oh, and fit the front brakes from a 2.0 Vectra A as well.
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    just started to restore my mk2 cavalier and was seeking some body parts mainly front wings, tailgate, wheel arches, front floor panels and would appreciate any tips I live in Malta and can only get imitation parts, this vehicle was featured in Fastcar magazine in of September 1994 Astra engined Maltese cross
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    Got the car back from the bodyshop now its had 2 rear arches, sills painted and the front apron fitted. Looks the part now iv also fitted front link arms and a wheel bearing, the rear arch had a copper pipe banged in it as a repair!!
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    I do - it still sometimes get's a look in with lift / other projects on the go!
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    Hi there. Looks a cracking project! You say offers but have you got a ball park figure in mind please?
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    Just need to get it out of the garage then can take it to my garage to put on ramp and start playing Haha, also need to sort me trailer out as carnt be towed being an auto it's only got to go about 2 miles up the road aswell haha.. if anyone is close to Bedfordshire and could help or give e an idea were to start would much appreciate it, I will use landy power on sunday on it to see if that helps. 🙂 thanks again Andy 😁😁
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    Nice, got to love an estate
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    White is always a good colour for an ascona, welcome to the site
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    Nice looking cav. Welcome to the site
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    Just to show some signs of life. Made some mistakes with the filler, but hey its my first time. Will redo.
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    http:// Hi new to the site and mk2s ,ive 3 mk3s 2 gsi and a diesel gsi rep . Ive just bought a calibre over the Christmas holidays its presentable but needs alot of work
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    Hi I have just come over this gem of a site. I have had all kinds of Cavaliers over the years but have 20 years off!! my heart is with the mk2. Thought it was about time to get back in the game. Just bought a 1985 on a b plate.
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    Forgot to add a picture.
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    Hi all, I have renewed my membership after a year away. I own 1x blue cav convertible and 1 X 2 door Saloon. Steve
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    My mates old car .....
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    Hi mate welcome i'm from Mansfield too Cav mk2's are rare here iv only seen a black hatch knocking about. Iv just got mine on the road.
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    Had a quick drive up the road today all seems good MOT next
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    so if i got this right i travel up me the missus daughter and friends 4 of us its 4x £5 camping per night £20 its 4x £5 admission per day £20 and £5 per day for the car as i normally do friday saturday sunday that means £45 x 3 =£135 - discount if i book early if this is right i wont be attending as it not a cheap weekend and not being funny paying that money to sleep in a tent and S**t in a port-a-loo is beyond a joke the 45-50 we were paying for the car irrelevant of occupancy up to 4 people was acceptable but the new pricing if I have got it right is not and is beyond a joke for the facilitates to hand. Please tell me I have got it wrong Ok I was slightly wrong it is £115 for my group of 4 for the weekend just been on vboa site to go through a booking at this price I very much doubt i will be there so to all i met at this show Thanks for the memories and enjoy. Hopefully see you at some other events but i will not be attending this year at this cost are they trying to kill the show Reason mine is £20 less than i figured it to be is camping free for the sunday night
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    Hiya everyone..not so new user ..but tbh my profile has been dormant since I sold my cav 12years ago now!!! ...god time flies doesn't it!? Anyway iam back in a cav now ( just not as a daily driver anymore ) and have been for just over a year !!! Some of you might recognise the car as it's been around on here for some time .... trying my best just to keep it tidy and on the road at the minute as I've just purchased my second house .... and that's just rinsing money from me !!!🤣🤣 although the 1.8 is slowly passing on as it seems slower everytime I drive it now and has generated a few oil leaks!! I've recently purchased a Calibra with the favoured xe lump in to convert the Cav ... will keep you posted on the progress. Cheers ARRON
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    I'm pretty sure that Cavmad's Cavalier was the one that I have now - he didn't keep hold of it for long!
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    That’s me not going works out a lot more for a family staying all weekend
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