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    good evening. this is my car from brazil Chevrolet Monza Sr 2 door.
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    Hi all , ongoing mid life crisis has seen me buy another car from my youth , new owner of a sri hatch,all the best
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    think it was viva never really saw a car on there the stand immediately behind the tents on our pitch it will give us parking for non cavaliers and makes our stand a bit bigger 😎
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    Hi I have just come over this gem of a site. I have had all kinds of Cavaliers over the years but have 20 years off!! my heart is with the mk2. Thought it was about time to get back in the game. Just bought a 1985 on a b plate.
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    Forgot to add a picture.
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    Hi all my name is Paul and I bought this jem last year from Dorset. Love driving her but she going to need some work soon.
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    Hi all, I have renewed my membership after a year away. I own 1x blue cav convertible and 1 X 2 door Saloon. Steve
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    My mates old car .....
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    Hi mate welcome i'm from Mansfield too Cav mk2's are rare here iv only seen a black hatch knocking about. Iv just got mine on the road.
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    Had a quick drive up the road today all seems good MOT next
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    so if i got this right i travel up me the missus daughter and friends 4 of us its 4x £5 camping per night £20 its 4x £5 admission per day £20 and £5 per day for the car as i normally do friday saturday sunday that means £45 x 3 =£135 - discount if i book early if this is right i wont be attending as it not a cheap weekend and not being funny paying that money to sleep in a tent and S**t in a port-a-loo is beyond a joke the 45-50 we were paying for the car irrelevant of occupancy up to 4 people was acceptable but the new pricing if I have got it right is not and is beyond a joke for the facilitates to hand. Please tell me I have got it wrong Ok I was slightly wrong it is £115 for my group of 4 for the weekend just been on vboa site to go through a booking at this price I very much doubt i will be there so to all i met at this show Thanks for the memories and enjoy. Hopefully see you at some other events but i will not be attending this year at this cost are they trying to kill the show Reason mine is £20 less than i figured it to be is camping free for the sunday night
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    Hiya everyone..not so new user ..but tbh my profile has been dormant since I sold my cav 12years ago now!!! ...god time flies doesn't it!? Anyway iam back in a cav now ( just not as a daily driver anymore ) and have been for just over a year !!! Some of you might recognise the car as it's been around on here for some time .... trying my best just to keep it tidy and on the road at the minute as I've just purchased my second house .... and that's just rinsing money from me !!!🤣🤣 although the 1.8 is slowly passing on as it seems slower everytime I drive it now and has generated a few oil leaks!! I've recently purchased a Calibra with the favoured xe lump in to convert the Cav ... will keep you posted on the progress. Cheers ARRON
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    Drove to Stoke yesterday to pick up my new toy yesterday. Haven't owned a Mk2 for over 20 years But did have a few - main one was my 1982 silver 1.6SR saloon that I loved to bits. My three boys grew up in this car lol. Alos had a white E plate 2.0CD that was very plush and an F plate 1.6LX (stolen recovered with a big hole in the block - picked u a trade in from local dealer and took the engine from it for the LX and enjoyed her lots). Also had a plethora of Novas (and a few Corsas), Astras (various styles - daily currently is a 2018 Astra K 1.6 diesel - so quiet and brilliant on fuel but I dont see myself ever taking the head off it or ripping out the interior. Looking forward to taking the Convertible to shows and doing a rolling resto on her with a few period mods sympathetically done - upgraded brakes (already got 2.0 mk3 3 front calipers with drilled and grooved discs hence the 15" expression alloys similar to the original 13" supplied new), Hella front grill etc. Looking forward to cutting anf polishing the paint (yes I am sad as I find that very theraputic). Happy to offer help and advice on bits and pieces and seek similar fro other enthuiasts - the one really positive thing about the internet IMHO is the exchange of info on good sites like this.
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    good old fashioned jet wash sorts old cav trim out..... other than the stench of mouse.
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    Suggest you leave the brakes as is. It certainly isn't worth the hassle of changing the rears to disc, drum brakes just sit there and go on and on, bloody rear discs rust away if not continuously used, a real pain. Also you might have difficulty finding original 13" as most of them seem to have gone motor racing, I know mine did. There was/is a class that uses wide 13" like that. And welcome to Mk2Cav by the way
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    toilets on a sunday as the day went on got quite bad again due to users lack of toilet training and disregard for the facillites and others. People had stuck paper towel in urinals then used them manged to miss the bowl when taking a number 2 the posh loo's someone had found it comical to throw all the paper towels about and flood the sides. Suggestion for toilets have one on each club stand for that club down to them to maintain so more respect should be shown to it and others dotted about for general use Bit more clarity on costing and rules/regs in advance for events running e.g. track pricing the need for helmets and needing full arm coverings to take the car on the track Pricing for the weekend for 3 nights to me was acceptable but for an overnight stop £50/£60 seems steep (only stayed the 2 in the end due to needing RAC home ) otherwise wouldn't have left until today Some other stalls might have helped the Bus/Farm Shop Brilliant saved on tesco run for small bits and what you forgot to bring. Missing some of the other type stalls your sign shops; window tinters; wheel refurbers; the bric a brac/ nik nak stools for those not after car parts Like my missus the general merchandisers; Not going down the auto jumble side as we buy the parts up there will be less to be bought simples but was just the variety of different things missing my opinion. But overall i had a Brilliant Time and a good Laugh with friends already made and met some new faces and look forward to the next event The Planes taking off and landing during the day was added bonus of seeing some old school plane tech and stunt planes as a freebie on the weekend ; Might be a drawing point for Vboa to approach to see if a small show could be arranged to bring in outside of clubs footfall into the weekend . That is pretty much most of the negatives i can think of that i see for the weekend otherwise as said i had a good laugh and enjoyed myself
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    Yeah don't think people really get how hard that is
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    More information from VBOA If you are going this weekend please read it. VBOA Rally 2019 Information and Rules.pdf
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    UPDATE - If the weather holds this could be one of the best shows It is clear that VBOA has changed, the old guard has now gone and the new, younger, team is taking it by the scruff of the neck and shaking it, hard. Gone is the day when we subcontract the Annual Show to an outside organiser, it is now in-house and boy, is it changing. Sywell, it is now clear, is a proven and well organised site for self managed shows. So relax, the basic show with all our pitches is still there, no changes as to how we organise or what we put on our stand for example, apart perhaps from a slightly reduced area from last year but that won't be a problem. B-B-Q OK if off the ground and dogs allowed but must not be let loose and no drones as the airfield is operating. Also a limited number of electric power pitches in a different area for £15 a night. VBOA will have a site map out within a few weeks. The usual car parades and best in show competitions will be there. The autojumble is back running through the middle of the stand area not the edge, with a hugely reduced cost to traders which should see lots more of them. We could have a Club stand if any of us want to get together and sell parts there at a knockdown £15 for a 4m x 4m pitch. All the food stands, probably plus a few new ones, plus a huge bar/live music venue indoors in a hanger (bands on Friday and Saturday evenings), onsite cafe and restaurant (part of the hotel) plus a couple of food pubs within walking distance, are there. There are toilets/rubbish points spread around plus central showers and 'luxury toilets' sited centrally. Now for the new stuff! Motorsport - a professionally organised and operated short circuit (around 700 yards) on a taxiway with one car on at a time, untimed (by them), for £25 a time. They will have 'real' cars there to show how its done with passenger rides at £15 to £20. Children's (under 16) activity zone - with climbing wall, football darts, bouncy castle, gladiators, suomo suits etc for £5 a day with Friday afternoon free on a £10 weekend wrist band, pay in advance or on the day. Interclub Challenge - As many Clubs as want to put up an adult/child team in a 'Its a knockout' type competition in the main arena. Current Mk2Cav Members pricing is the weekend ticket (Fri/Sat/Sun) is £45 until 30th April, then £50 till the 21st June when online booking ends. The ticket can be purchased on the door for £55, cards accepted! Day entry is £9 till 21st June then £10 on the door, not £15 like last year. Don't forget you have to be paid up to be on our stand. Historical data on ticket sales is not available to us but this year's are on budget. This show has an interesting set of ingredients taking it well beyond the shows at Billing. It should definitely be worth a visit this year. From now on all the profits are going to be reinvested back into VBOA related activities which is good for all of us on the Vauxhall community. Get booking
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    Replaced the clutch set yesterday, it was worn to the bone, its a new car to drive now, still getting used to the new clutch as it is soft and sensitive now. Also took a 300km drive to the seaside to visit some friends.
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    Hi everyone! First off all excuse me for my english if you see some uncorrect words. I am from Bosnia and I own a blue 86 Opel Ascona wich was my first car even tough I started driving 6-7 years ago, but my father had one back in 98 so it is in our blood :D. After I bought Vectra b 2 years ago the Ascona was no longer in use so now I am coming back to her and I need so much infos about that old lady so I hope I am getting help from you, and I am thankfull for letting me do that. Pictures very soon ! Cheers!
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    New rims on. Not the ones I wanted but got them for free so its fine , would be much more better if the car could go lower but on the rear are allready red lowering springs, and the front is 3cm lower than usual. How do you get this car to go so low because even if the rear axle touches the body there is still room left, I am confused ? There is also this pic from an Opel Meet we had past sunday on a local airport support track, I am the only one with Mk2 cav/ Ascona C. And a few cars from heaven
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    Hi, my name is Alex and I'm Brazilian. I have a Chevrolet Monza 1982 2 doors 1.6 4 gears and I love all the cars of the J. project
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    Welcome to the site. Your standard of English looks pretty good, similar to some of us here already
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    Thank you for your kind words and support! Happy new year aswell to everybody! As seen on the pictures, the underside ( and trunk ) has been painted, to a dark grey colour. I've also drawn some circles around some holes. I dont think it would be smart to leave these like this, but cannot recall if they had something in them from the factory or not? Ofcourse i mean only those that are just holes, not the ones meant for bolts.
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    I'm pretty sure that Cavmad's Cavalier was the one that I have now - he didn't keep hold of it for long!
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    That’s me not going works out a lot more for a family staying all weekend
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    Had fun as usual Saturday stand was a bit bare but about 10 cars on it but was a bit wet ground dried quick after rain. Sunday was hot lot more day visitors to stand and club members displaying for the day Venue has makings of a good show/site weather seemed to affect activites and numbers on saturday. But sunday with nice weather . more about stand was spacious for all to display and camp this year , At reps meating wasnt any big news of trouble or behaviour concerns just to make sure you didnt let the kids on the runway side of the fencing. Had spitfires bi-planes etc taking off and landing through out the day . So added bonus didn't take off early and were landed by early evening if we get behind our club Mk2 Cav then I belsieve we can make this a really good and enjoyable weekend for us as a Club to meet up and socialize Was nice to meet new faces this year and talk to Some. THANK YOU Andy King for club rep duties Sunday Morning at 830 AM my head really appreciated that. And the track was fun my thanks to the track organisers for their assistance and taking my Daughter Toni out after the cars little mishap
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