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  1. andy


    Landy's are a certified way to sort out brakes if you can't get access to her! If you decide to keep her, we could see if a rescue party can be sorted if not!
  2. Happy to help if you get stuck posting pics etc! Be good to see it and sorry to hear you've decided to sell Grey J! Here to help if you change your mind too!
  3. So reminds me of my yellow cav, similar story to you. I inherited (well fought from my dad scrapping it) after my mum died when I was a kid. Great to see yours getting some restoration too!
  4. andy


    No drain plug, but you know... the sender always could be removed haha! Seriously don,t you'll never get it to be dry again without renewing it! Welcome aboard mate. Send him a PM, see how he gets on. Be great to see more pics of the Estate and a clip of getting it out into the daylight and running again!
  5. I actually did a video for the last Market Harborough (2018) event! Don't forget you can BROWSE > VIDEOS > DISCOVER to see others, or just hit up the club YT account!
  6. How come? tons of time to fix it! If I can use wood-filler and meccano, you can get 50 shades there yeah?!
  7. andy

    hi from Russia.

    Gotta love how homebrew that last side on shot of the Monza estate is!!!
  8. Think our international friends are putting our cav projects to shame right now! This is coming on nicely! Once I get a garage this is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to do with the Ascona.
  9. Rear end anthracite is definitely more complicated than you think going from memory... esp when going for a respray. Need a picture of a factory SR / SRi for sure!
  10. Any updates on this one? How's the body coming along?
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