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  1. As I'm working through site updates I'm going to post some quick videos on how to use the site. If you have requests for other videos, post them below, but I'll be moderating the thread to keep it relatively clear. 12/07/17 How to view unread content 'quickly'.
  2. It is blocked only in UK - if you have a VPN you can watch.
  3. I *think* that's a good thing
  4. until
    The meet is a seasonal catch-up weekend for all Cavalier lovers before things get too crazy busy (or crazy expensive!) Sat PM meet-up, leading to an evening of talking cavs, swapping parts and stories, followed by a pub meal, and then the hotel bar for those staying late or stopping over! Then breakfast and back to a non MK2 Cavalier reality! Members & Non-members welcome alike! Bonus pints for Cavaliers in attendance! Oh the times we will have!! (This is the real event by the way, for those quick enough to see the other!). We're booked! See you there! Forum link to the same thing is here:
  5. A page for all videos featuring club members, their cars and more.
  6. Hello mate. Out of complete curiosity what sort of price would you be looking for IF you were to sell Orwin. Cheers Matt O 

  7. Well, the spring clean has brought some more FB integration, trying a few other things out too. Will be a few more changes, but right now we are waiting on a DNS name change before we bring the magazine style look to the site..

  8. having trouble uploading a photo comes up with an error message -200 or something

  9. In 2002 visited Daz with an old cam-corder and took some footage. Will add other old members clips to this entry as I find them!
  10. Just got back from the NEC motor show and shocked to find just ONE mk2 cavalier sri! A number of clubs were celebrating various anniversaries, just wondering if we could muscle in for the 35th birthday? Was a cracking show, packed with people, and plenty of Vauxhalls, just the most important model was missing.

  11. Loving the "Belgium probably" comment! Start a thread and I'll join them up when it's safe to do so.. Be good to hear your plans...
  12. Changed "likes" to 2 a day. (these are not FB likes.. - you should really "like something" to like it.. ;)


  13. Kat's 83 GL - "Orwin"