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  1. andy


    If your dash is snug to the screen rubber, leave dash in, you'll never get it as back under the rubber as factory! Close, but never the same...
  2. andy


    Even when my 130s scuttle drain rubbers were bunged up the motor didn't leak into the cabin, but I guess all are different! There should be a pretty good deal on the lock of rubber the motor sits on. The sunroof should drain into the rear quarters, unless for some strange reason pipes were disconnected? Water in footwell maybe a windscreen rubber?
  3. andy


    Where are you located again Kelvin? And good job! I still haven't found anyone for the Yellow ones paint and bodywork around here.
  4. andy

    85 Cavalier SRi

    Will there be video content to commemorate this auspicious moment?!!
  5. andy

    hi all

    Welcome to the site Mr Airbrush! Secondly - how is the shell for rust?!
  6. andy

    Spares Day 2016 30th October

    This will provide some headaches no doubt. Shame with VBOA having been with them for so long they have been so short-sighted.
  7. andy


    2nd, 3rd, 4th opinion time, but as has been said, gotta find someone that likes / loves them! If you don't need the car anytime soon, there are some top guys in Scotland! (only half joking!)
  8. andy

    85 Cavalier SRi

    Thanks for letting me know @Greg . Welcome aboard @Ian Whorlow, LOVE the cav!! Try this link and tell me if you can see anything - if not I'll sort it out asap! http://www.mk2cav.com/store/category/2-club-membership/
  9. andy


    Orwin had more welding than I thought when I realised under the accelerator pedal has black melted carpet now.
  10. andy


  11. andy

    morning !

    Don't get me started on mice and rats. You're lucky they didnt eat your loom and give you weils disease!
  12. andy


    I need a video of it in motion Welcome to the site, can't wait to see more.
  13. andy


    What about first pranged / crashed MK2 with pics? I've not done it myself, but was passenger in reasonably gnarly one once. Was a parchment beige 1.6L cavalier hatch when I was about 20. Got a if of the bonnet which was 1ft long after the altercation with a granite wall and a Spinout.. well going through it.. have a pic somewhere!
  14. andy


    Earth or starter problem. I also had lead to starter corrode inside the cable and same with earth so worth checking! As for posting pics, I can help you with that and it won't cost you hundreds of pounds either!! We can also help you find any bits you need. Pics are drag and drop just below the message window on pc, or paperclip button on mobile. Happy to help just pm me.