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  1. KEIR24

    Billing Options

    To be fair John would of been nice to have a vote as to where the show would be held and we as paid club members would of had are say So it's highly unlikely I will be attending billing And I feel I'm not in any position to make a vote
  2. KEIR24

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    I did see that but it won't happen the vboa got there way
  3. KEIR24

    Billing Options

    Sorry John I can't vote as I can't commit months in advance as for the last 12years I've attended I've book weeks or days before the show
  4. Yes mate come on down I'll be there by 8 but if you beat me they should let you in
  5. Right guys this is next Sunday i have the stand passes so could I have confirmation of who is coming! i will be driving up on the day from Devon heading up the m5 if anyone wants to meet up for a convoy aiming to get there for around 8am
  6. It is I posted it weeks ago
  7. The club has a stand at the retro rides Gathering at Shelsley Walsh on the 19th August 2018!! there is only 10 spaces so it's going to work on a first come first served basis Tickets are £10 per person advanced from the retro rides Web site £15 per person on the gate http://www.retroridesgathering.com/ More information on the retro website 1.Keir 2.bliz 3.rich130 4.Tony tmk106y 5.moggzy 6.rabbit
  8. KEIR24


  9. Jonny the founder has named you rep this year
  10. Well what can I say best billing so far had a brilliant time a little to much to drink friday night but thanks to paul young and mr munt and my lovely girl friend for looking after me and making sure I got to bed well the porch anyway Sorry to teazer for keep asking him what his girl friend was called but I remember it now lmao To sum up was chilled out a right laugh and next year can only be bretter
  11. brilliant weekend cavs beer and food spot on bring on billing
  12. Where the hell are the hard core lot
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