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  1. KEIR24


  2. KEIR24

    VBOA Billing 2015 chat thread

    Jonny the founder has named you rep this year
  3. KEIR24

    Billing 2013 Chat thread

    Well what can I say best billing so far had a brilliant time a little to much to drink friday night but thanks to paul young and mr munt and my lovely girl friend for looking after me and making sure I got to bed well the porch anyway Sorry to teazer for keep asking him what his girl friend was called but I remember it now lmao To sum up was chilled out a right laugh and next year can only be bretter
  4. KEIR24

    updated info retro rides 2013

    Have you moved house chris
  5. KEIR24

    MK2CAV.COM Rolling Road 2013!

    brilliant weekend cavs beer and food spot on bring on billing
  6. KEIR24

    MK2CAV.COM Rolling Road 2013!

    Where the hell are the hard core lot
  7. KEIR24


    Really brett arnt you looking to go to the gp around that weekend
  8. KEIR24

    Xmas Meet up

    I'll have a lift num nut
  9. KEIR24

    Xmas Meet up

  10. KEIR24

    Insert generic new user introduction here*

    Hello Simon about time you got a cav just glad you listen to all your friends on Facebook pushing you lol
  11. KEIR24

    Hi there!

    welcome to the club like the mk2 hatch the mk3 looks spot on too
  12. KEIR24

    Been a while

    so you not sold that pos of a pug yet then
  13. KEIR24

    Been a while

    james you little tart how the hell are you
  14. KEIR24

    [event] Retro Rides Gathering 2011

    Ralph its to new lol