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  1. neilsri130

    85 Cavalier SRi

    I had the same problem about 8 years ago on my 130, filter was blocked with what looked like slime but no rust. I managed to get a new one from our local Vauxhall dealer, washed tank out in situ with Meths fitted new filter and away it went.
  2. neilsri130


    My first and only Cav which i still have is my Mk2 SRI 130 saloon in red. I was looking for a late spec Escort RS Turbo or Astra GTE 16V ,always liked the SRI / 130 saloons but gave up looking as even in 1994 there were many rusty and thrashed boy racer ones around. Found my ideal car and could not believe my luck when i saw it, mint, every bill including original receipt, brochures, low mileage, mature owner etc, love at first site ( dont tell the wife ) and i knew it was going to be a keeper. Paid £3495 cash for it, well pleased as i had a budget of 5K for a car
  3. neilsri130

    Estonian Ascona C Irmscher 88'

    That,s looking good everyone on the site likes to follow a project. When it is completed buy a ten or fifteen litres of Waxoyl and pump generous amounts into the box sections and underneath.
  4. neilsri130

    Russian Irmscher

    That,s one fine looking motor a lot of time must have gone into making it look so good. I would think not many survive in Russia due to the bad weather, do they cover the roads with salt and grit like they do over here when we have frost or snow ? How is the parts availability in Russia ? Many parts are rare over here mainly trim etc and prices have risen the last few years, i would imagine that parts must be very hard for you to find and you probably have to buy from other countries.
  5. Thanks Neil.


  6. neilsri130

    SRi 130 Saloon

    Just love 130 saloons makes me glad i have one every time i see another on the site. Must say i have never seen a black one before.
  7. neilsri130

    Sal's Calibra

    Always liked the Calibra, have fond memories of being a passenger in a new Turbo driven by a then work colleague chasing and sticking with ease to a Sapphire Cosworth, happy days. If i remember he sold his Astra GTE 16V and had a large eye watering bank loan to buy it but it sure did shift.
  8. neilsri130

    VBOA Billing 2015 chat thread

    Will be down for one day possibly Saturday or Sunday minus the 130. I will wear a sticker saying neilsri130 so please approach me if you want a chat as i will not know by face a lot of members and i dont bite even if i am ugly :)
  9. neilsri130

    Hello from sunny Halifax!

    Greetings to sunny Halifax and welcome to the site ( my ancestral family come from Halifax and Cornholme ) there is a load of useful information and experience on here probably covering all Cav issues and problems. I had my 130 saloon in 1994 as a daily whilst running various MG, Triumph TR and Sunbeam 2 seaters. Like you i decided on the 130 as a more modern classic although at that time most MK2 Cavs were still mostly cheap boy racer bangers or tradesmans working cars as in the case of estates.
  10. neilsri130

    Russian Irmscher

    Hello Viktor and welcome to the site,must say your car looks very good. I did not know they were available in Russia.
  11. neilsri130

    Estate Front Anti Roll Bar

    They are the same i had two here both new and epc (which i no longer have at the mo) listed the same part for both, someone on here may check. One went on my 130 and the other went on a 1.6 that father in law restored for his mate some years back if my old memory is correct.
  12. neilsri130

    Estate Front Anti Roll Bar

    Estate one is the same as the one fitted to the 130 so yes is a good upgrade.
  13. neilsri130

    130 decal arrived.

    They look good and to be honest i would not have noticed they were slightly larger if you had not mentioned it. I think many people had 130,s years ago as they were cheap then, heading towards banger ststus and were reaonably fast for the outlay. Never saw that many in junk yards though but any i did i relieved them of the fogs and ecu plus any other general cav items for my 130.
  14. neilsri130

    Another MK2 cavalier enroute to Scotland

    Remember one exactly the same colour and model in Clwyd Breakers outside Wrexham about 15+ years ago, not in bad nick but nowhere as good as yours ( nice find by the way ) It was on sale with the remaining mot on it for about £80 if i remember correctly, how times have changed.
  15. neilsri130

    Hello from France !

    Bonjour et bienvenue sur le site. J,aime votre voiture. Est l,Opel GT rare en France? Desole mon francais est tres pauve. mais ma fille m,a aide.