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  1. Rabbit John Sri 130 estate (still for sale) on sunday.
  2. Rabbit

    Hi from NZ!

    Would love a jb wagon/estate, the one i had was je with the astra front end.
  3. I will be here in the 130 estate
  4. just finished cleaning my mk2 ready for tomorrow!
  5. seen a 1/43 gama type model of a red convertible on german ebay!

  6. Can i sneak up on sunday? :-[
  7. Rabbit

    new member

    Jonny had some commander wheels for sale not so long ago, & Newbody has got some commander seats. If that any help.
  8. Rabbit

    new member

    http://www.mk2cav.com/index.php/topic,16999.0.html About 3 years ago i looked at this car, is the roof sorted!
  9. Rabbit

    new member

    its not C 664 GOK is it ?
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