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  1. Rabbit

    retro rides 2015

    On RR site
  2. Rabbit

    retro rides 2015

    Ticket paid for!
  3. Rabbit

    retro rides 2015

    Any spaces left?
  4. Rabbit

    VBOA Billing 2016

    just finished cleaning my mk2 ready for tomorrow!
  5. seen a 1/43 gama type model of a red convertible on german ebay!

  6. Rabbit

    sign up winter meet

    Can i sneak up on sunday? :-[
  7. Rabbit

    new member

    Jonny had some commander wheels for sale not so long ago, & Newbody has got some commander seats. If that any help.
  8. Rabbit

    new member

    http://www.mk2cav.com/index.php/topic,16999.0.html About 3 years ago i looked at this car, is the roof sorted!
  9. Rabbit

    new member

    its not C 664 GOK is it ?
  10. Rabbit

    updated info retro rides 2013

    My mate cant make it, so i have a spare entry ticket, £7.50
  11. Rabbit

    updated info retro rides 2013

    Will be bringing the new parts in my little forum shop, should anyone require anything i have got !
  12. Rabbit

    updated info retro rides 2013

    Sunday please
  13. Rabbit

    updated info retro rides 2013

    Add me to the list please!
  14. Rabbit

    VBOA Spares Day , Coventry Sunday 14/4/2013

    You did'nt miss much, is it me or are the spares for mk2 cavs getting harder to find at this spares day? i only saw matt & 1 other club member, actually missed Tim being there to remind me about paying my club membership