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  1. Rob8ie


  2. Rob8ie

    Still rolling

    Cheers Chris. Im not on Facebook yet so maybe ill check that out soon. Well, another set of springs now so the car sits much better. Some of my pals taking the mickey saying Im getting old but it drives soo much better. Leaking sunroof is next on the list, plus maybe new idle valve and injectors as it likes to kangaroo pogo at low revs. Foot down is fine though! :) Cheers Rob8ie.
  3. Rob8ie

    Still rolling

    Hi all, Ive been away from the forum for a few years so firstly I apologise for being a total stranger! Im not great with forums these days and have been busy doing up our house, family life, other excuses etc etc. Ive still got the blue Antibes with redtop and it flew through the MOT today, after being off the road for over a year, so that got me thinking about the club. Bit about the car- Decided not to sell it after all and stuck it in a corner. I converted it back to injection for convenience and I just put stock suspension on as the roads up here are hellish. Its sitting very high though so new springs (again) is my next move. Planning to do some touring starting with the Scottish NC500. Heres a pic of the car midway through a good washing. Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers, Rob.
  4. Rob8ie


    Hi Bubba, Welcome to the forum. Sounds like an interesting project youve got planned there. ;D Hope you get a cav saloon soon - check out the for sale section, not sure whats going at the mo. Cheers Rob
  5. Rob8ie

    hello all

    Alright mate, welcome! Any pics of your cav?
  6. Rob8ie

    Im New

    Nice Clean Cav there Rob. Dont think I've seen a white one with that bodykit before, looks good. Welcome!
  7. Would love one of these!! (Bet I'm not the only one who does) I would like to see one which has been modded. Wonder what it would look like with a calibre kit?
  8. Welcome to the Site Mark! Where abouts you from in Scotland? There are a few of us scots on here. Check the member map out. Looking forward to the pics. Cheers Rob8ie
  9. Rob8ie

    hi all

    Sounds interesting. Look forward to the pics! ;D Have you tried that place in Inverness - Is it "AutoHead" or something? A lot of folks up here send their engine heads to them to get skimmed ported etc. Have heard good reports about them. My cousin got a 106 rallye head done and said it has made a big difference to the car.
  10. Rob8ie

    hi all

    Hey Kev, Glad to hear there is another member from the North. I know what you mean about cav's up here, flippin rare. I have seen one or two up here but not in the last year or so. If any come up for sale I'll let you know. I have had lots of help from the folks in this club - a real good bunch! All the best and welcome to the club. Rob8ie
  11. Rob8ie

    Was it you ?

    I was amused to read that I am not the only person who has done this. There are a few cav owners in the Aberdeen area who must have been wondering what I was on. :Ha
  12. Rob8ie


    Hey Rabbit, My front bumper is still in good nick so not needing a new one just yet, but thanks for offer tho mate! Cheers Rob8ie
  13. Rob8ie


    How did u guess! :Ha Yup it is a blue one with a small white and red pinstripe up the side and white wheel trims. The bumpers etc are dark grey. Sounds odd but looks ace when all polished up. I saw a white Antibes in a scrap yard once. Never seen a red one yet. Cheers Rob8ie.
  14. Rob8ie


    Hullo All! Ok I'm not really a new user but have been using the site for years and posting the odd forum. However, I just subscribed to the club and taken out a membership! I have recently finished a 3 year stint at university and all that time have wanted to do up my cavalier. Now I have the time to do it and now have a job so can afford to, so I thought it was time to sign up. The site really has come on over the year and I have every faith in it. I have a 1986 Cavalier Antibes which I recently started working on, so will be posting pics of my progress and asking loads of questions! ;D All the best folks, join up now! Cheers Rob8ie.
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