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  1. I wouldn't be able to due to job , and the risk of me carrying it, I am probably out of most things thou
  2. More bins around the show would be good to ,also maybe a bin need toilets for sanitary items as there were a few with this items wrapped up on floor
  3. i think Sywell was a great venue for the vboa One of complaint's was some of the so called humans who are not toilet trained, this isn't just because I am female this was the Frist year Ever that I found it disgusting! Anyone that knows me knows it takes a lot to much traffic around the show , I mean it was a free for all but my main annoyance was the electric bin lorry that flew around and nearly had myself and part of the group many times. Camping prices !!! One night option personally found it easy to find and it was a well kept ground (easy to push a push chair around )
  4. i think it has potential, i think the site was brilliant, easy to get to, well kept, genuinely hope it survives and grows in the future. It will make a great base for a good old fashioned MK2 cav piss up next year that's for sure. I mean there are the a few tweaks they need to do , like the toilets , etc but nothing that should put anyone off I feel the site etc is great but I think political wranglings of the last year as really damaged the reputation of the vboa and if they can't rebuild that it won't matter that it's a fantastic venue , it was like walking around a library every one scared to say anything
  5. Yeah don't think people really get how hard that is
  6. Plot twist this has more drama then some TV soaps!!!
  7. steffi

    Billing Options

    I don't think either option is any good that's why I haven't voted this is nothing to do with venue. Option one people want to camp next to there cars and people don't want the hassle of moving them all the time.. Option two I feel has some financial risks for clubs and some clubs are even smaller then ours. I do know of two clubs that are talking about is it worth actually being part of the vboa and if both clubs did pulled out that would pit the prices up for others surely
  8. 1) for many reasons .... none , I will say a lot of this mainly do with not being able to book near the time of the event. which is a shame as I have attended over 10 years and would normally do Thursday to Monday evening at MH 2) no
  9. i have heard from mike and steve that they were not even aware of this and have found out by social media so maybe being offhand is a lack in talking with them
  10. yeah to me billing was becoming a unsafe place , After the last year at Billing is it really safe for anyone ! People who live on the site drinking driving crashing their cars. Speeding all day and night. Pikey kids walking into tents day and night stealing what ever they can get there hands . Saturday night half the ladys toilets flooded and closed. for me its a big step back. Ma
  11. thats a shame i felt that it the vboa had some life to it at the showground, and really enjoyed this years event.
  12. you camping or shall I post a stand pass to you ?
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