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  1. steffi

    Important camping retro rides

    you camping or shall I post a stand pass to you ?
  2. steffi

    Important camping retro rides

    and Brett hes back by retro but going somewhere else
  3. steffi

    Important camping retro rides

    £9. A night
  4. steffi

    Important camping retro rides

    Would you be up for a bbq boys?
  5. hey girls and boys ;D ;D most verbally know but i need to know who is camping ? we are camping here http://www.lowerlodeinn.co.uk/ same place as normal anyway i need to book our picthes and i am trying to get a BBQ booked up so need numbers for costings so whos camping ..... friday/sat just sat .. who up for a BBQ ?
  6. steffi

    retro rides 2015

    i am just sorting out a few bits but yes at the moment we do
  7. steffi

    retro rides 2015

    Yes to bothof you I am just sorting out a veiw bits and then I shall up date
  8. steffi

    VBOA Billing 2015 chat thread

    feel free jonny
  9. steffi

    retro rides 2015

    I have been in talks with sam and she is comming uo with some ideas for us thou e.g hog roast
  10. steffi

    retro rides 2015

    Yes there is camping for those who want too
  11. steffi

    retro rides 2015

    I think your right
  12. steffi

    retro rides 2015

    right that time of year again we have all ready have a stand at this event for 20 cars details : Retro Rides Gathering 2015 at Shelsley Walsh on Sunday 23rd August are on sale now! http://retrorides.tictail.com ... Both weekend and day tickets are available, weekend tickets sell out pretty quick, when they are gone, they are gone, as lot are normally to late to the party so camp near by whos in 1) me in nodes 2) Richie 3) Paul
  13. steffi

    New to the forum

    hello and welcome
  14. steffi

    Pics hopefully

    Looks great