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  1. see you all about 2-3 pm
  2. im just booking now what time are people aiming to meet up?
  3. hi all, its me!! i haven't disappeared, ive just been realy busy. work, paperwork, weld cav, sleep. in that order. me and kate are down on friday, sat and sunday. im a bit gutted to being the van and not the cav but needs must. see you all at the weekend.
  4. can i come to this?? ill bring the cav too
  5. Me and kate had a cracking weekend. I managed to get a few bits ready for the rebuild of the sr, and some bits I didn't really need > Roll on the next meet!
  6. Not long now. I've just done a few little jobs on the sr. Me and kate will be down fri dinner time-ish. Greydj are you still bringing that door for me mate? See you all soon.
  7. brilliant weekend, good weather and great banter. it was great to see everyone again. tim ffs sort your bumpers out !! ;D
  8. ill be along about mid day friday with kate and a cav sr
  9. Booked for me and kate. Sat night ;-) Added mate.
  10. hi people, sorry for my lack of commitment latley. ive spent an insane amount of money on a house. im going to try and make this ill let you all know by the weekend. it might mean i sleep in the van but its ok. i love that kind of shit haha
  11. ill be along late on friday night i think, work depending
  12. me and my pal jonny had a class weekend cheers to andy for organising it, and to everyone for a good laugh. pvs was canny too. ive never seen so many shit tattoos and tracksuits lol. some loverly cars though
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