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  1. therich


  2. i'm going to come up on sat maybe afternoon, or mornig if i can get out of work. i joined up too so i'll park up and camp with you guys if thats cool? although the g ride is not quite finished so you'll have to overlook all the missing / unfinished bits. should i bring any stuff like bbq coles, food etc? never been to an event with the club so am not really sure . be good to meet everyone though
  3. can someone put me down on the list please
  4. no they would be the ones that didnt read the weather forecast :D :D
  5. i was just arriving about 11:30 and drove past all you bloody lightweights going home!! > it was well sunny thisafternoon. you missed out would've been nice to say hello and put some faces to names, oh well
  6. cancelled bbq as raining here. got 20 aberdeen angus burgers to eat now as i cant re freeze em!!
  7. i will be there, so if i find the mk2 stand, hopefully can i introduce myself to who evers there. that should be cool, be nice to meet you guys and stuff. hope the weather holds out, i'm sposed to be having a bbq tomorow for my birthday :-\
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