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  1. It's the pint thing Paul, but don't tell him.
  2. Cheers all for a top weekend. Nice and chilled and a proper laugh! Rich, you're more than welcome mate.
  3. Another great Billing weekend! Special thanks to Jason and friends for the Cav Bar, Rocket again for the food, Greg and friends for cooking, Ivan & Clara (and Walter) for shopping, Steffi and Toni for club rep and raffle ticket duties, GreyDJ for attending VBOA meetings (and for wishbones!,) Daz for organising the stand, to all who helped and to everyone for turning out to enjoy the retro goodness! :) :)
  4. Sorry to hear that Tom. Come back strong next year!
  5. That one's gonna take some beating... :-[ :angel: ;D
  6. Could be Matt, should know a little nearer the time.
  7. It's true, I'm still recovering!
  8. Looks like I'm out. Now gotta work every Saturday 'til Christmas, some of them lates, including the 30th. So unfortunately I'll still be at work long after Daz has gone to bed...
  9. Can't mean me, wouldn't happen :angel:
  10. Won't know until much nearer the time if I can make it - new job is kicking my arse on weekends!
  11. Up since September? Until tomorrow, it's still September.
  12. [img width=800 height=600]http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo172/mk2cavalier/Tim/Billing%202013/P1070460_zpsf055f2e2.jpg [img width=800 height=600]http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo172/mk2cavalier/Tim/Billing%202013/P1070453_zps93a095d8.jpg
  13. Thanks to everyone for a great chilled weekend! 8) It was good for me being back in a mk2 this time, even if it did have a few cobwebs... she'll be getting a more thorough clean soon enough! :-[ Special thanks to Richie and Blitz and anyone else who helped save me from any further loss of dignity on Friday night! Also to Newbody for saving my tent and holding onto it from last year. Thanks to Ivan Andy and Kat for doing the Saturday Tesco run, Daz for the BBQ skills and of course to Rocket for the food. Big thanks to Steffi for being our rep once again; there aren't too many people wanting to get up that early to attend the VBOA meetings! Thanks to Steffi and Toni for selling the raffle tickets too. Thanks to GreyDJ for being our VBOA rep the rest of the year round and attending the necessary meetings. Nice one Andy for the video/pic montage as usual. Thanks to everyone else who I haven't mentioned, who put stuff up, took stuff down, tidied up or whatever else, it all helps make the event. Cheers everyone, roll on next year!
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