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    Bye then!

    The Corporal's off to her new home as I type and I'm now Cavless. She is going to live and be pampered along with quite a few other soon-to-be classics in a warehouse somewhere (apparently..?). At least there's an E plate 130 in there to keep her company. No idea why the guy's collecting all these older cars, but sounds like a good hobby to me. Keep up the good work maintaining and running these great symbols of my home town on the roads! All the best, Bri.
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    Apart from the Seicento that I bought new and was tied into, or the MR2 that was just fantastic but scared me once too often on a wet country road, none of them did... One day I'll find the one... Cav is a better runner than either of the Fo*** funnily enough, but then it's been very well looked after. A good nick late model SRi will be on the list of replacements when I've a few more quid in the kitty if I don't buy newer, but the corporal will do for now.
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    Hi! Just registered as a user afer getting my 3rd Cav Mk2 - a 1986 1.6L Saloon, 55,000 miles on the clock, uncracked dash and lovely (?) blue interior of various hues. My first car was a 1.3 boggo model, which was soon usurped by a 1.8 CDi which died on me - after having 10 cars in between I'm now back in a cav. On average I change my cars every 7.3 months, so I'll probably be on here for a little while as I've only just bought the Corporal (C566 ORP). A few years back I was a member of ClubCento, the Cinquecento and Seicento owners club, and enjoyed the runs and shows (I even edited the club mag for a month before the editor of Auto Italia took over), so I may well come along to events if you guys do similar stuff. Maybe see you around soon. Cheers, Bri.
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