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  1. Jonny

    Billing Options

    I agree option one with the cars next to camping
  2. Can't upload pictures keep getting error text Andy can you help?

    1. Greg


      Are you using rubbish face book to upload them Jonny?  If so, the best way to fix it is to delete facebook.......forever ;¬)

  3. Jonny

    Xmas Get-together.

    Well boys feels great to know I will be missed......
  4. Jonny

    Xmas Get-together.

    Sorry can't make it.I am on a detailing course I've been on the waiting list for over 6 months so can't say no.
  5. Bicester heritage ( 500yrds from my front door) hold top end shows not chavs in corsas and who will do the catering Jamie Oliver or vinneys?
  6. Jonny

    Xmas Get-together.

    Frisco can I have a passenger ride in the Pug Cc??
  7. Jonny

    Xmas Get-together.

    I will be attending ? Is this definitely going ahead as I want to book?.
  8. Jonny


  9. Jonny

    Sal's Calibra

    Not a fan of calibra's sorry Sal but love your dedication ?
  10. I'm back lads sorry X x

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    2. Richie


      was wondering if you were still alive, hows the new jobs going but more importantly hows the 130 coming along ?

    3. Paul


      who are you?

    4. Jonny
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