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  1. friday through to sunday/monday Dunno his nick Andy Steel and someone mk2 Sri hatch large 3 man tent
  2. Friday through to sunday/monday Newbody Jason and family, hopefully a cav hatch modded, large 6 man tent UPDATED
  3. newbody

    Pre Sywell

    Going to start this year's Vboa rally off a day early on Thursday 4th July at Thorpe park hotel is Travelodge T5 Heathrow 2 day admission to Thorpe park for £95 for 2 people in double room So if anyone wants to meet a day b4 I'll be here https://booking.thorpebreaks.co.uk/moreinformation?adults=2&agent=tbw01&ages[0]=18&ages[1]=18&basketId=767ab1eab87381bc8fb4c52d752c8fe3&children=0&context[hotelProducts][checkinDate]=2019-07-04&customerCode=Q&fallbackTicket=THMTPB&infants=0&hotelCode=THOTVF&roomRates[bucket]=THO&roomRates[checkinDate]=2019-07-04&roomRates[checkoutDate]=2019-07-05&roomRates[hotelCode]=THOTVF&roomRates[rooms][0][adults]=2&roomRates[rooms][0][adultsAges][0]=18&roomRates[rooms][0][adultsAges][1]=18&roomRates[rooms][0][children]=0&roomRates[rooms][0][infants]=0&roomRates[rooms][0][occupancyType]=DBL&SeatType=TPM&tag=availability&ticketRates[bucket]=TFA&ticketRates =TPM&ticketRates[endDate]=2019-07-05&ticketRates[startDate]=2019-07-04&versionId=714c45df&venueCode=THMTPB&openVideoModal=false&quantity=1
  4. The chairman of Vboa isn't relayed to Billy Smart is he ??? Because this reminds me of a 3 ringed circus 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Its ok Andy im just sounding off i know you guys and John do your best for us. I'm just hating the way it's starting to appear that Vboa seem to have no clue as to what their doing Yes Paul the new venue does appear interesting drag strip and looks nicer grounds than MH but will it have the feel/vibe that MH had this year Time will tell lets hope decision is made now and no more changes
  6. With all due respect what the 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 is going on with the vboa and it's show for 2019 been notified via their Facebook page now billing is out and now another new location. When last I was aware it was billing and we were to vote as a club on way forwards weekend just gone I believe Now out the blue it is now at a new place. Can we please have some straight dialouge of what is happening cause all this chopping and changing is making this seem an utter shambles and more hassle than its worth sorry if I sound like having ago at people not meant to I know you guys do your best just fed up hearing it over Chinese rumours and other places
  7. Most prob 3 nights fri sat sun subject to costing and camping on club stand and not having to state what vehicle when booking cause at minute cav is still in bits 😂😂🤣
  8. It's ok if it was not camping on club stands by car like old days (option 1) then it would have been a definite no from me as I attend for the social side of things more than the cars 😀😀😀 but like to be near it
  9. With the 2nd option will we be camping on club stands or by cars or still in designated camp areas
  10. any more information on this please so we can start discussing it before chinese whispers take hold
  11. Agreed Steffi but then i'm easily pleased i go for the company so location is minor for me Thank you john for the update as to what is happening
  12. Think that's why you agreed to have a cav there next year 😙😙😙
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