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  1. Omg this forum gets quieter by the day!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. andy


      We're doing some spit and polish, towards making it more magazine style so people come here because they love the car and for in-depth knowledge. Not surface-level interactions you get on FB. So should stem the tide somewhat..

    3. cavvypogo


      To he fair all the forums I frequent are dead and vodc is a really quiet forum for size of it but sadly this one is even quiter,I'm now on fb but don't go on any car pages, I prefer forums for my car fix 

    4. cavvypogo


      I retract my last statement as I've joined a few FB groups inc the mk2cav.com one which is a bit busier but still pop on here to see what's happening 

  2. First time I've noticed this thread and what an awesome cav mate, great to see a mint base spec model, hopefully get to see it in the flesh at some point
  3. Give me a call mate I live in Hamilton if your out and about 07719 617665

    1. cavvypogo


      Have sent you a text with my mob no mate cheers 

  4. I've only driven it a few miles and would gladly drive it all the time if it behaved ,just waiting to hear from body shop so I can get it back ,it's only half a mile along the road but if it starts misbehaving when I pick it up it may aswell be 150 miles lol
  5. Would be awesome if David soul wrote a song about me hee hee
  6. Am starting to think I won't manage this show now ,got call from body shop earlier to say that they can't get car started so I need to pop over there tomorrow and see if I can get it going but kind of reached end of my patience with it and I think it will be up for sale soon !
  7. I'll be there on Vauxhall drivers club stand ,( if car behaves itself that is) not sure if jamsieboy is showing with a club ,usually have to have your car parked up and ready before 9am but earlier the better for a good area
  8. Myself and jamsieboy will be at cars on the campus on 8th of May with our cars if anyone else is going would be good to meet up ,show is in Kilmarnock Ayrshire btw
  9. cavvypogo

    Sal's Calibra

    Having seen and driven this calibra I can confirm that it's a good Wee project as sal says it needs some bits and bobs doing but nothing major and a steal at the price he got it for ,I've always had a soft spot for calibras and its one of few Vauxhall I've never owned but now on my list for future
  10. With any luck mine will be on the road for summer and must admit I do like a wee drive up loch lomondside too mate
  11. Hi mate and welcome from a fellow scots member I'm in East Kilbride
  12. Looking spot on mate well done
  13. Welcome aboard mate and will be good to see some pics of your cav
  14. Welcome aboard mate ,whereabouts are you situated ?
  15. Sounds like a plan James mate ,hopefully I'll get to this meet if it goes ahead ;D
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