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  1. I will be popping down for an overnight this year but not in a cavalier ... Next year for mine me thinks
  2. where is the show exactly in Kilmarnock ? I'm from Irvine but I wont have the CDi I bought from Andy by then but I could bring my Boxster s
  3. I just tried the premier inn website and its releasing rooms for 3 nights but not 2. £300 for the 3 nights ....
  4. bennymac

    hello from me

    shaun sold the maroon one this morning. gave him a call and it sounded a peach too plus he's an enthusiast. a bit miffed that i didnt act sooner .......
  5. bennymac

    hello from me

    hi guys just thought i would put in a hello post and tell you a little about me. i'm Benny from Irvine in Ayrshire currently driving a cavalier turbo that i have owner for many many years (well i sold it a couple of years ago then bought it back) since i turned 40 last year ... i've been hankering after another mk2 sri i've owner quite a lot of cavaliers in my few years lol starting with a 1.3 cav at 18 and moving onto my first sri 1.8, after that i owned 2 sri130's 1 of which was stolen but thats another story.. i've also owned a cd then i moved on to mk3 cavaliers. anyway saying hello for now currently looking at the blue one from leeds on e-bay and the maroon one from Dorset so if anyone has been to see them please do get in touch. cheers
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