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  1. Hatchback

    Great news Kelvin, we need some details.....model and budget (condition dependant of course) is a good start, also how far are you prepared to travel to collect? I guess you want an MOT'd one to drive it home? Did you want a project one (budget dependant I guess).
  2. Hi all

    I think you need to pay to become a fully fledged member to put up a project thread. You will save the money on the first part you need for the project so its worth it You can also paste your pictures straight onto the site so no sharing site needed.
  3. Russian Irmscher

    Good job Russian is well er awful, but you can see the you love that car.
  4. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    It hid its rust well.....these old GMs do.
  5. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    I would be interested.....its GM and precursor to the mk2.
  6. SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Same as you Steve....I need to get another one road worthy before the MOT is up on the daily. That mk1 looks clean
  7. Russian Irmscher

    Very nice Viktor
  8. SRI 130 HATCH

  9. my mk2 Cavalier Saloon 1984 PROJECT

    Nice one, keep us posted on the progress
  10. VBOA 2018 chat thread

  11. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    hhhmmm, maybe.....some numpties might not like my brand of no nonsense replies mind lol.
  12. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Should we launch a twitter account? You may think that this is wrong place to raise it, but at shows it could help coordinate things on whats happening and when? It could also bring in the appetite for immediate gratification that FB brings to bring people on to the stand and drum up some club support.....just a thought.
  13. SRi 130 Saloon

    Very nice. Looking can see why Vauxhall sold plenty back in the day.
  14. Sorry bad....
  15. Good plan. How is young-ers?