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  1. I guess that everyones away on half term or on FB......don't make me get it folks.....pls :rolleyes:

    1. andy


      I'm still here! I think half term has something to do with it... mmmn these roads are clear!

  2. Nope still no old thread
  3. Hi Greg, Just replaced the alternator on my LET today and I think there is a bolt hole you can use as the block end fixing for your fabricated tensioner bracket. It is the one that the existing XE alternator top 'y' bracket uses near the end of the head. You would need to put a 90 degree bend and a dogleg in the bracket but it should work ok.

    As to the parts, £10 each plus post say £30 all in.

    Regards John

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    2. GreyDJ2


      Just checked this bottom bracket against my XE and it looks ok, albeit with a bottom third bolt for the SE, not used but hole still there and tapped in the block on the XE. This will give you a bottom bracket to hold weight of the alternator in place with you only needing to fabricate the top, tensioner, bracket.

    3. Greg


      Currently struggling to get on top of this, please bare with me as I try to work out what to do.  I need to look at the standard bracket....I am guessing that it won't pivot.....again need to check....sorry I put my back out a couple of weekends ago and still struggling.  All the more fun when you run your own business ;)

      Thanks for all your help, and I might need these parts, so please put them by.  I will be in touch.

    4. GreyDJ2


      No hurry and yes, the XE supports (two bolts in the bottom bracket and two brackets at the top with 3 bolts into the engine) do not adjust as there is the  separate tensioner. This means the load is carried fairly widely, especially as the alternator is more powerful, so heavier, than the one on the Mk2. The bottom bracket on the Mk2, to compensate, has three bolts into the block.

      The Mk3 brackets may also put the alternator in a slightly different place due to the multi V belt compared to the single V on the Mk2.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Gregs 3rd LX
  5. I think the £1500 is realistic.....but I'm bias :angel:
  6. Already spotted this and it looks really good, and am tempted......but really a 4th LX hatch :-X One question I had Kaino, why is there red in the anthracite section in the rear most corner of rear 1/4 windows (in between the gutter and rubber seal)? Was it just a bodyshop hiccup, I have a few of those on my white one to iron out......
  7. Brett, tis a shame but it looks to have expired unfortunately. How much for the exterior windscreen rubber insert (assuming it come out ok) please?
  8. Sounds like a Gregs project.....get the welder out Brett you'll be fine
  9. Nice one Brett.....this will be completed before the white LX then
  10. O, its that one Dave......v nice
  11. I know that feeling good luck with the sale :angel:
  12. Easy mistake swirl