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  1. 85 Cavalier SRi

    Wrong thread Andy (this is Ians) get a project one up. The CDi looks good.
  2. 85' Cavalier 1.6 L

    Hello Adam, great to see another make it to an enthusiast. Its your car, you should do what you want to do with it (drive it and enjoy it ;¬). Welcome to the site btw.
  3. hi all

    Welcome to crazy chris says, ask away
  4. VBOA 2018 chat thread

  5. Tonys saloon project

    Nice one Tony
  6. Estonian Ascona C Irmscher 88'

    Try messaging users on here. I think a dutch place user name (or similar) M&M dronten and Opel Classic parts Greece.
  7. 85 Cavalier SRi

    If the tank has been left empty for long periods rust can form on the inside. The vapour from the fuel (albeit stale) will stop this as it stops all leaking in to provide the water to get the rust going. I have this concern on the white LX.
  8. 85 Cavalier SRi

    The best bit about a Vauxhall is the engine.....these normally fire up even when stood. Not sure if someone will say to lubricate the bores through the spark plug hole and turn it over by hand to get it all slippery before starting. Not sure if its really required.
  9. VBOA 2018 chat thread it will be missed again. It was earlier this year I thought and booked my holiday accordingly. I will see if I can do a billing not billing later in the summer.
  10. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    The VBOA website is saying the 14/15th July.....if true I am booked up already. If that is the case, maybe a re-billing is on the cards for later in the summer (to be discussed).
  11. New member looking for a mk2

    Awesome news, I forgot that was available. Its only come up recently.
  12. pictures of lxi

    very nice.......
  13. New member looking for a mk2

    Hello Tony, welcome to the site. Good luck in the search. Someone on here might be able to help. Things are popping up on ebay but we have noticed the prices are creeping up of late.
  14. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Do we have confirmed dates yet John?