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  1. Nice, @andy like your old one then.....
  2. Greg

    hi all

    Same for me steve, welcome back us 🤭
  3. Love this, what happened to it?
  4. Greg


    Nice car, great work
  5. Greg

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Nice looking CD Paul, hopefully its gives you plenty of joy. Fingers crossed for the mot. Good to see matt o here again....I have found the site again too
  6. Hello John, has this date changed yet?
  7. Greg

    My 1985 red sri

    Hello Jason, good job..….don't sell if you don't need to. These are creeping up in value so if you want one back it will cost. That said, if you cannot use or store it well, then it will cost to keep it as well. So no help sorry...…...keep it ;¬)
  8. So I turned up and it was great to see the usual faces and some new. I agreed with some dedicated help of the admin team next year could be awesome......yes I can help. Quote of the saturday "it really does taste like chicken fat!" @Frisco
  9. Greg, shouty car as no cavs mot'd. Saturday afternoon/eveningonly
  10. Greg

    Still rolling

    Welcome back Robbie......great to see the car again
  11. Greg


    Hell yeah…….beauty, love the look of this
  12. Greg

    My 1985 red sri

    Welcome back Jason, These guys on ebay seem pretty good. I had a chassis leg off them yrs ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PETROL-FUEL-TANK-OPEL-VAUXHALL-CAVALIER-MK-2-1-6-2-0-MK-3-1-6-2-0-/380997938639 I am not sure if this is your tank but they should have one. How many holes has it got?
  13. Greg


    Let us know what you ideally are after and we can hopefully source you a car. Type, spec, budget, location, distance you are prepared to travel etc would be useful to start
  14. Greg


    http://www.mk2cav.com/topic/22089-gregs-lx/ Low res 40MB download file in there (as it broke the new website when we transferred across).
  15. Greg


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