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  1. Greg

    My 1985 red sri

    Welcome back Jason, These guys on ebay seem pretty good. I had a chassis leg off them yrs ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PETROL-FUEL-TANK-OPEL-VAUXHALL-CAVALIER-MK-2-1-6-2-0-MK-3-1-6-2-0-/380997938639 I am not sure if this is your tank but they should have one. How many holes has it got?
  2. Greg


    Let us know what you ideally are after and we can hopefully source you a car. Type, spec, budget, location, distance you are prepared to travel etc would be useful to start
  3. Greg


    http://www.mk2cav.com/topic/22089-gregs-lx/ Low res 40MB download file in there (as it broke the new website when we transferred across).
  4. Greg


  5. Greg

    Newby saying hello

    Maybe.....was a while ago, it was red with a full kit on it. Maybe it had more kit than this one.
  6. Greg

    Newby saying hello

    Nice......I am a massive LX fan....if you hadn't guessed already
  7. Greg


    Kelvin, have a look at my Gregs LX back story......its not over till its over......well till its not ;¬) Fingers crossed its not too bad
  8. Greg

    Newby saying hello

    I see, not the one I have seen then. You have one of the rarest models (LX / LXi) and the best ;¬)
  9. Greg

    Garf, lover of all things rusty!

    O yes mate, class. We have not met as I cannot stand facebook so don't have an account. Love the cavs. I have missed the last 2 VBOAs as its landed on my holidays (poor planning, well its cheaper to go away when the kids break up). Hopefully see these in the flesh at some point.
  10. Greg

    Newby saying hello

    Hello Rob, welcome to the site. Is it a 1.3? I only ask as I remember seeing a red one fully kitted up on ebay over the years.
  11. Greg

    Diy Restoration & Upgrade Monza 1.8 BRAZIL

    Love this, and best colour, nice one
  12. Greg


    Back from my hols......currently trapped a nerve in my neck so that has meant the same progress to my projects as before....nadder Kelvin, as Andy says anything is savable, its whether its for economic or emotional reasons. Mk2s have historically only be restored / saved for emotional reasons, but the tide is turning a little.
  13. Greg


    Nice job. I cannot make it as I am on holiday. Can someone in admin move this thread to the members projects area please?
  14. Greg


    Good to see you haven't given up yet Kelvin, keep at it. Are you a fully paid up member yet?
  15. Greg

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Gutted to be missing this.........enjoy people.