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  1. When I had my chevette & found water in the footwells. I found later that the water was getting in via the bottom corners of the windscreen due to rust holes. I fibreglassed them up to stop the water getting in, so the inside could dry out. Later that summer I had plates welded in where the fibreglass was.
  2. I ended up teaching myself welding, one thing to point out weld sparks burn, are very painful, smell awful & get into places you don't want them them to get to!, also when I was welding a chevette many years ago, I managed to set fire to the car and my hair twice (2x each ) in the space of an hour due to me rushing one morning. so have something to put out a fire if one occurs. Get a good welding mask. practice, practice, practice as much as you can, you never know you may be able to earn money from welding.
  3. That must of have been exhausting for you
  4. The silver Opel I drove for 10 miles to my mother in law's house & then discovered that it had no cooling system, as in pipes missing! & when I took out the pistons, they had BIG craters in the sides (strangely the sidewalls were ok)& yet it ran rather well. Many years later I bought my boss's cd which is running around in the Midlands somewhere. Then had a convertable (died from rust), a green saloon 1:6 & now the hog.
  5. My first cavalier was a white 1:6 hatch with a red interior ,frj947y, which almost used more oil than petrol!. It had scirrocco wheels on it. My next was an Opel ascona q702jfj/htt218y with over 300,00miles on it plus a bodykit I still haven't identified in henna red. I used a few bits from the first cav on the Opel. I then had a silver Opel ascona which was written off by a joy rider.
  6. North baddersley, have passed your place many times on way to my mother in law's near the sports centre. Enjoy it now, I enjoy mine lots, when mine was off the road for a bit & I took it to a garage for some work I couldn't do I realised how much I missed driving it.
  7. So where in soton is that then?
  8. Good luck with your project, enjoy it. The best bit is when you drive it. :-)
  9. Nice collection & keep thinking that I have seen somewhere else like Facebook?
  10. Yes, am an early riser tho for me this morn was a lie in! Still was good to meet you.
  11. Well here iam back in the comfort of my home with a happy moggy on my lap & would like to say it was a pleasure meeting you all, pity there were a few missing. I did think I might be the last there but paul has kept his reputation intact. Enjoyed muchly. Jam
  12. Have actually managed to get here, was touch and go with my health & the cav behaved very well.
  13. jan the man

    Hi guys!

    Too late paul, I've had them scrapped coz they smelt funny. ;-)
  14. jan the man


    As iam the owner of A999SBK, iam on the hunt for any pictures or history of said cavvy, anything would be appreciated. All iam trying to do is find out what & when things were done. I'm not interested in any blame for anything, just to find out its history. Thank you
  15. Have you checked the oil? as my cavvy has the internals from a box that came out of a Sri that was sat on its axles & I have no stiffness in selection there at all. Another possibility is the selector shaft & bottom of gearstick which you could try a silicone based oil.
  16. Ken, not all 18e cam housings have a blanking plate over the man pump position, so it may need a change of cam housing as I had to do with the housing from the 1.6.
  17. my last cavvy i ended up breaking i removed the screen, it wasnt easy, took along time & my advice would be take your time and be gentle and it will come out.
  18. i had a opel ascona c in henna red years ago & whenever i sprayed it with red oxide i had to look down the side to see the matt patches to know where i had sprayed!
  19. henna red is the same colour as red oxide except henna red is shiny!
  20. hello michel. when i saw the car, which was this time last year, my wife & i were visiting my father in law who lives in the next village but passed thro vernante. he told me about the garage, so went & had a look & there was inside said car. i did take some pictures, not sure where i shared them, thought it was here but cant find any trace, but still have them.
  21. hello michel, did you buy the ascona from auto passion 49 in vernante?
  22. hello huffy39, i have put up a thread alittle while ago called "value of a cav" in mk2cav saloon to give a idea. i hopeit is good as a guide.
  23. on my way back from soton last week with my wife, we stopped in at a service station & as she went orf for the ladies, i popped into the shop bit & spotted a mag which was giving valuations of most classic cars, so i looked at the cav & as follows. cav sri,( only model mentioned ) excellent condition ;£3000, good condition; £2000, to project car £650. also gave the status on the cavalier being "rare"
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