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  1. plenty of good pictures there rich just watched the video,great work andy
  2. i was shocked to see no mirrors undernieth dazzy. the car looked beautiful with the turbo alloys
  3. Had fun on Saturday and great to see some members. Was supposed to come back but had to leave early coz my knee was just giving way even with the support of cruches. Not suppose to walk but wanted to make the 30th birthday.will have op soon an all being well should be there next year with out cruches.congrats on wining best stand. Sorry I didn't get a chance to speak to every1.
  4. c19bby

    cavi cdi auto

    nice car an welcome to the site
  5. c19bby

    Hi Folks!

    welcome to the site. nice moter
  6. c19bby

    Hi aye!

    looks mint! welcome to the site
  7. c19bby

    hi am new here

    thought it was,how are u
  8. c19bby

    hi am new here

    Welcome!is this the one an only triple two?
  9. welcome and good luck with the project. pics please
  10. Welcome! Pictures please ;D
  11. Good luck with the purchace mate
  12. c19bby

    my mk2 gls

    Nice moter.I'd keep the engine in if it's only done 33,000. Keep up the good work
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