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  1. Hi Again, Mk2 Cavalier owners, It's been a few years since I 've been on here but pulling the cover off my MK2 LX since 2011 has re- ignited my MK2 fire. What happened to that mint "Champers" Cav I used to see at Billing every year? still recognize a few names on here though.
  2. well done Black 130, nice to know where it it is and it's still looked after. I only sold it to fund a Manta project. Hope top see it a Billing maybe?
  3. Pleased he still around and in the MK2 Cav scene. I'll get in touch with him. Yes I sold him the blue SRI saloon a few years ago, think he sold it now though. How things have changed sold it to Casper for £350 and it was a really tidy, useable motor - that was all they were fetching/worth in 2006. What would £350 get you now in SRi spec?
  4. Hi everyone, I was a member on here on here a few years ago and operated under the name Cavtastic, an active member called Casper (John) based in Scotland was on the forum a lot. Since returning to the scene and as a consequence going to use my MK2 this spring i've not seen him post. Anyone know what he's doing and is he still a club member, great guy! bought my SRi a few years ago. Would like to catch up with him.
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