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  1. Br4v3h34rt

    Hi guys!

    Thanks my man! Will do my best to give updates! I know of 4, so I'll go with 4 for now. A lot of original bits are in those sheds and garages so I'm trying to track them down
  2. Br4v3h34rt

    Hi guys!

    Hi guys! Joining the mk2 club for the 2nd time, been about 6 or 7 years since i was last on here! Ironically its with the same car again lol. Its a 1986 D Reg SRi. After selling her 6 or 7 years ago it's gone through quite a few owners, spent a lot of time off the road and has somehow made its way back to me. She's not a pretty sight anymore but hopefully many long nights with a grinder and a welder and she'll be happily roaring down the road once again. Only have 1 picture of it atm, and that was on the back of the trailer from picking it up. Here's a wee photo of it now beside the last photo i took of it before I sold her. It's a very different car to when i used to own it. Theres been quite a lot of modifications that are not to my taste, such as the wheels, tinted rear lights, backbox, rally foglights bolted to the front etc and theres also quite a few bits missing. Biggest project i've ever taken on, just need to hope i have the time and patience to see it to the end!
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