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  1. hello from sunny Portugal. finally found time to repair the exhaust that fell off between working on our new home in the Algarve , still not seen any cavs/asconas out here !!

    1. chris m

      chris m

      pictures please!

  2. stevemc


  3. stevemc

    2 cabbys

    mine started with the roof down ,but kids couldn't see their game things in the sun !! ,gavins one is superb ,so straight and clean
  4. stevemc

    2 cabbys

    I got a call from a friend of mine last week ,his friend has brought a black cabby ,we meet up at battlesbridge classic car show on sunday , its got to be the cleanest cabby I have ever seen !!
  5. I use photobucket to upload pics ,its quite easy ,you will find all the help you need here
  6. seen a 1/43 gama type model of a red convertible on german ebay!

  7. stevemc

    spares day.

    but octoberhas gone mate !!
  8. Had a look at mine ,its hasnt got the bkanking plate
  9. Wish i had the time and room for it mate
  10. How many left show only 6 on the road ,got to be worth saving
  11. Might be wrong here ,2.0 has a crank sensor
  12. You was asking about the ecu ,has your one still got the code on it ?
  13. Shame as we could have swapped bits and compaired wiring till we got yours going
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