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  1. sri_one_thirty

    SRI 130 HATCH

    nice! wish I had still had mine
  2. sri_one_thirty

    SRi 130 Saloon

    lookin good pal, hard to beat the black saloon 130
  3. hi pal, are you still looking the calibre 2.0i badges?

  4. sri_one_thirty

    SRi 130 Saloon

    very nice pal, more pics please
  5. sri_one_thirty

    New mk2 owner Scotland ! 1982 1.6 L

    minty! good luck with it
  6. sri_one_thirty

    130 decal arrived.

    they look fine,htats a nice cav, I had one just like it about 20 yrs ago E503WFC
  7. sri_one_thirty

    new here

    Looks very nice.
  8. sri_one_thirty

    hi just bought sri hatch!

    Looks like a nice one! good luck with it
  9. sri_one_thirty


    In the Bronx.
  10. sri_one_thirty


    Where do you live over there Gill? I knew a few guys over in New York when I lived over there who imported Mitsi Evos for road use. Good luck with your new purchase.
  11. sri_one_thirty

    Newbie to MK2 Cav's!

    Get her built into this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VAUXHALL-CAVALIER-MINT-CONDITION-WOW-/220648441312?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item335fac05e0
  12. sri_one_thirty

    Newbie to MK2 Cav's!

    Jeebus that boot floor is bad good luck with the project,
  13. sri_one_thirty

    new to mk2

    you got pm
  14. sri_one_thirty

    do we know if..

    Yeah that car was for sale over here around christmas time. Looked mint and was big money.
  15. sri_one_thirty

    new to mk2

    From Omagh myself, what parts do you need?