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  1. Thought id better start a new project thread for my latest purchase.
  2. New blue peter
  3. Finally going to be back in a working cav after far too long. cant bloody wait:D


  4. Have an awesome time at Billing boys and girls. Hope the weather is decent for you all!!

  5. Arrghhhh, want a working cav.

  6. You still got them subframes matey? Still no joy from the other guy despite his promises so if you have em, ill have yours and wire you the money thru.



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    2. Maca 73

      Maca 73

      Pp is 

      can you send me your full address a sap and it will be picked up in the morning 

    3. chris m

      chris m

      Message sent on FB mate.

    4. chris m

      chris m

      Money sent over, should be with you now.


  7. 25 minutes left for a cheap beige saloon on ebay.

  8. so i opened the tailgate today on the estate and water came out of the speaker grills......not a good thing i guess?


  9. Just got back from the NEC motor show and shocked to find just ONE mk2 cavalier sri! A number of clubs were celebrating various anniversaries, just wondering if we could muscle in for the 35th birthday? Was a cracking show, packed with people, and plenty of Vauxhalls, just the most important model was missing.

  10. We need more than one like per day!! Can this be changed?


  11. This car first came into the club under the ownership of Rabbit as a standard 1.6L estate and during his ownership it was maintained and tidied up, with many new bits being added to make it a very presentable example. I had always fancied owning an estate, but having a convertible never actually got round to it. Rabbit, like many of us in the club, had a number of cavaliers on the go in various states of repair, but after a period of the car being stored up, he decided to sell it to a new owner and concentrate on his other cars. At this point I still wasn't to become the owner as I waited just a bit to long, and the car duly changed hands to a young chap known on here as Deano. Deano took the car back home on a trailer and set about doing some work on it. His first and pretty much only job in the short time he owned it was to rip out the original 1.6 engine and drop in a 2.5 v6. Now here is the thing, Deano must still hold the record for the fastest v6 conversion into a mk2 completing the job virtually single handed in less than two weekends, with the car then MOT'd and on the road. Needless to say, the conversion worked, but it was gaffer tape engineering through and through, and in some ways it was bordering on down right dangerous. A short time later, Deano decided to sell up and that's when I made my move, a deal was struck and before I knew it I was on my way to Penrith to collect it. My missus was less than enthusiastic about my purchase to be and as we arrived on the car park, her comments were " You've wasted £580 on that? it s a bloody shed." Interestingly the comments from the kids in the back were not much kinder. Deciding that I may have made a mistake, I decided to accept a test drive ( well from the passenger seat anyhow). As the engine started, the induction kit roared, and of we went, with wheels spinning in first, second and third gear, I knew it wasn't going to be a mistake. It might have looked shit, but boy could it go! The drive home was fab, happy I was, in fact I couldn't smile wide enough. To be continued......
  12. Offer him £50, he won't get much more as scrap at today's prices. I gave mine to the scrap yard what was left of it. Won't get much for the estate either when that goes, wish I'd done it last year when scrap was worth something.
  13. Grrrrrreeeeeeeeeeggggggggggggggg! one for you matey.