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  1. chris m

    Still rolling

    Dont bother mate, just left the facebook site for the third time...lots of users on there, plenty of idiots too...the real enthusiasts come on here cos they are happy to pay membership fees. All but finished me off cav wise. Happy to sell up now.
  2. chris m

    Still rolling

    Glad to see you back. Forum is very quiet these days as most stuff is on face book. Keep posting updates.
  3. Friday /,Saturday. Small tent. No cav.
  4. chris m

    Vboa rally 2019

    Ive been a few times not in a cav, you just park off the stand, usually by the camping bit. Might be the same this year unless I'm very lucky.
  5. Awesome John. Thanks for the updates, it looks to be a very promising event. Just need to work out whether i can get my car roadworthy in time.
  6. Very nice...more pictures please.
  7. A bit at a time is the way forward. Can you get panels over there?
  8. Welcome! Pictures please.
  9. chris m


    Was it in long term storage? Mot history check says its not had an mot, but that would only go back to when the online system was introduced. Do you have any history with the car that may help you? Its been somewhere dry thats gor sure to not have rotted away.
  10. chris m


    That looks clean mate. Look after that, very few left and not as good as that.
  11. chris m


    Welcome to our club. Commanders are pretty rare, most having rusted away so having a near roadworthy example is awesome. Get some pics up.
  12. Fair point....billing management make me nervous thats all. For us ots about cars, for them its about money and if something more lucrative came up, could we get dropped again?
  13. He already said he'd pay my billing entrance fee for 5 years if he didnt come in a cav....i got off a little lighter in that i only have to pay his for five years if i dont turn up at all, ie no cav required.
  14. Could get expensive if you dont turn up in a cav Jason!
  15. If lmf was the issue, why does the vboa not approach mh to rent the showground or a portion of it and then hire in facilities as required. Mh definitely had a festival feel about it and i wouldnt trust billing management not to do the same again in the future. It seems that the better billing option for us gives vboa most control over the event resulting in more admin work anyhow. Is mh not cheaper?
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