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  1. Get some pics of your car up aswell! Pics are the way forward!
  2. Id start by putting up a list of which panels you actually need, then people can help you find stuff
  3. chris m

    Hi all

    Wow, that looks clean, lucky you! Get some more pics up and what your plans are. Always good to see another car getting some cav love
  4. chris m

    New member

    Good choice, get some pics up.
  5. chris m

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Long time no hear Matt, hope your well mate
  6. Good luck with your search, very hard to find these days. Maybe a barn find will appear at some time for you.
  7. chris m


    Cracking progress!
  8. chris m


    You lucky boy! Welcome to the club, get some more pics up, not just the good bits, bad an all, loads of help and advice on here. Whats your plans?
  9. Looks really well fella. Nice organised list of plans too. Never heard of washing seats like that, but get the idea. Brake upgrade always worth while, though rear discs might be a challenge due to lack of available spares. Mk3 cav rear beams are the usual way forward but availability is limited these days. Glad to see it getting some love any how!
  10. Welcome to the club, get some more pictures up and what your plans are.
  11. Can i have the postcode please. Im in Devon the week before on hols and looking for a stopover Sunday, Monday on the way home, so could book a caravan site close by and drop in for a visit.
  12. chris m

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Nice car , would like to see more pics and a bit of background of how you came to own it.
  13. Looking forward to some pictures on this and hopefully a good heads up on the good and bad of the new venue. 🙂
  14. This looks like it has the makings of a really good weekend John, hopefully after the last few years of trials, this could be a long term home for us. Nice to see the autojumble is back, bigger than ever too. Looks like the organisers really know what people want. Cant believe that track time is available too, shame i haven't got a running car, could have really burnt some rubber with my 54hp!
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