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  1. 85 Cavalier SRi

    Id check the fuel pick up isnt blocked...the end of the pick up pipe has a gauze filter
  2. hi all

    Welcome to our club. Post us some pics please when you get chance. Feel free to ask questions if you have any issues.
  3. Hello

    Welcome to our club. Please post some pics.
  4. Best way to sell a Cavalier

    Hopefully you have and its great that you have chosen to come to an owners club to ensure the best route for the cars future. In fairness there is more traffic on the facebook side of the site but there are also more idiots and non enthusiasts on there too putting it at risk of someone wanting it to break fir parts for profit or worst still ending up on the banger track. Some pictures would be most helpful along with an idea of price and location too. Bear in mind that a few weeks before xmas may not be the best time. Very good luck and i look forward to seeing some pictures.
  5. Purchase of lxi

    Welcome to our forum. Get some pics up when you get chance.
  6. Hatchback

    Sounds cool. How long a course is it? Wouldn't mind a short welding course to refresh my skills before I get started.
  7. Hatchback

    I understand your situation as I was in a similar position myself. Nobody wanted to know my last estate car and I didn't have time to do it hence it sitting there and ultimately getting scrapped. Sadly these cars aren't trendy enough to be worth peoples time as they don't have a huge following or value...not say like a split windscreen vw camper van. You will just have to learn to do it yourself, mig welding isn't difficult to do, it just takes time to learn to do it neatly. Could you not enrole on a welding course at your local college? I did a car body repair course years ago just to learn the basics, one night a week for three hours. I will be doing mine myself this time as that will be the only way to get it done.
  8. New member

    Welcome to our forum. Your in the right place for all things cav related. Post up some more things for your previous cars and what you are looking for so we can help.
  9. Hello

    Is this where I get to see a video of it at brands hatch.?
  10. Hello

    No wonder the suspensions knackered
  11. Firsts.

    Cool stuff Jan
  12. Firsts.

    My first cav was a white saloon on a d reg. Bought it of a neighbour for £70 as an mot failure. Called in a couple of favours and it was soon mot'd. Needed a few bits doing but mainly an exhaust. took it to my local tyre and exhaust place who despite having all the different versions in stock couldn't make an exhaust fit of the peg but did a cut and shut for me. Turned out to be a petrol car converted to diesel....and the vin tags on the slam panel were missing as well. Kept it a few months and sold it on.
  13. Hello

    Love it mate. I'll get some pics of mine this weekend for you. The diesels are slow and unrefined but i can't help but like it. My mate Jase who i bought it off said the really shouldnt like this but somehow you will. He was right. Its slow , it rattles, it smokes bit you know what? Its honest about what it is....and thats what i love.
  14. Hello

    I also have the luxury of a 1.6d cav. Slow but oh so much fun. Pics please of your car
  15. Hello

    Got to love a 16d car.