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  1. chris m


    Looks great fella, get out an enjoy it.
  2. I think its a type error and should say holes.
  3. Unlikely as i still wont have a running car, I'm still working as normal so could be a carrier, so im more likely a bigger risk to others than they are to me.
  4. chris m

    New guy

    Welcome to the club, put some pictures up of your car please.😊
  5. Come on Matt, its about time you were back in cav ownership.
  6. chris m


    Ask Jason, aka newbody, on here. Hes had loads of estates so knows pretty much everything there is to know.
  7. chris m


    Nice, got to love an estate
  8. Get some pics of your car up aswell! Pics are the way forward!
  9. Id start by putting up a list of which panels you actually need, then people can help you find stuff
  10. chris m

    Hi all

    Wow, that looks clean, lucky you! Get some more pics up and what your plans are. Always good to see another car getting some cav love
  11. chris m

    New member

    Good choice, get some pics up.
  12. chris m

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Long time no hear Matt, hope your well mate
  13. Good luck with your search, very hard to find these days. Maybe a barn find will appear at some time for you.
  14. chris m


    Cracking progress!
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