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  1. PMD

    VBOA Billing 2016

    So she's ready, flew through the mot and 8 hours of cleaning polishing and general pampering we are ready head off in the morning for billing.
  2. PMD

    VBOA Billing 2016

    Hi all Calibre is nearing a small overhaul after some dreaded rust had set in. I just wanted to make contact and confirm I will be at billing this year if you want me that is.? Il be heading up sat morning but can I ask do I need a pass or anything. My address has changed since two years ago ?? Many info gratefully received
  3. Have we any idea on number of cars on stand etc?
  4. Flat out cleaning calibre tonight and tomorrow eve then going to head off mid morn sat Heading from Hereford (cattle country)so should hit billing by early afternoon.
  5. Hi all Calibre needs some bits and bobs doing this week but she is pretty much all ready for billing I have been badly organised and not booked yet for billing Is it best I call and reserve (just a camping slot with electric) Or shall I just do it over the website ? I noticed there is a reduced rate on a previous thread? Help...........
  6. Bit of sun few drinks and a BBQ sounds perfect.
  7. Amazing and much appreciated. Hopefully going to come on the sat and camp over
  8. I would also love to have a space for my calibre and possibly my cabrio also.?
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