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  1. MikMac40

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Hmm, tried link and no discount applied.
  2. MikMac40

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Thanks for the update John.
  3. MikMac40

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Thanks John.
  4. MikMac40

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Is there a booking code for 2018?
  5. MikMac40


  6. MikMac40

    VBOA Billing 2016

    Mine's ready too Paul. See you there!
  7. MikMac40


  8. MikMac40

    VBOA Billing 2016

    I'll be there if I can find an engine..........
  9. MikMac40

    VBOA Billing 2015 chat thread

    Yeah, I'll be there!
  10. MikMac40

    Billing 2013 Chat thread

    Great weekend. Good to catch up with a few of you. Those I didn't , sorry, catch you next time. Looking forward to next year already!
  11. MikMac40

    Billing 2013 Chat thread

    Got a rough time? I'm looking to leave Teesside around 4ish. Mike
  12. MikMac40

    Modified Car Show

    Anyone up for this? Modified Car Show at the Pickering Show Ground, North Yorkshire. Sunday 10th June 2012
  13. Well, all I can say is that it was a truely wicked weekend. Had a great time and was good to meet you all at last. briliant atmosphere and some great people. Was like a kid in a sweet shop all w/e. Sorry if I didn't get chance to speak to all of you, but there's always a next time. Got loads of pics to put on, just not got time at the mo. (Anychance of a specific event thread just for photos)? JJM absolutley flew home on the Sun and didn't miss a beat. Was good to clear out some cobwebs!!!
  14. So what's the crack with the BBQ? Do we bring food or chip into the kitty?
  15. Just rang again this morning (both numbers). I now have a booking number and was told to just turn up and quote the number. Map and directions to pitch will be advised at the gate.......... See what happen next Friday.