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  1. hi mate yes 85 1.6 gl hatch look under cavs for sale cheers
  2. ive a tidy 1.6 gl for sale ;D ;D
  3. i used to buy them like that over 20 years ago ;D
  4. im 16 and half stone mate and cos they are unrestricted they touch 60 mph on a good day loads of fun though and weekends away with the lads on the drink ;D
  5. all my garellis are between 1973/ 1978 they are only £16 a year but it would be nice if they was free 8)
  6. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/183 yes this is the link
  7. looks good in red what year is it
  8. garelli-rider

    hi all

    count the rider in as its only about 60 miles from me :-*
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