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  1. Hello every one. As far as I know Ascona with Irmscher kit don"t have original mudflaps at all. That's why I have spent some time searching for best non-original substitute. Finally did it - mud flaps from Nissan Teana 2014-present time. Installed on car: I think they are really looking good and dont stand out from clean look
  2. As far as I know this is the original steering wheel for Isuzu Bighorn- japan version of Opel Monterey.
  3. Hi everyone! Dreams come true and I've got new seats cover. Now they are like new one. Tried to make close to original, though it was quite tough to find the materials. Next stop - renew door cards in the same style. Also I've bought a Momo Ghibli steering wheel by Irmscher, but still dont know whether I'll set it or not because I have the original GT wheel in leather and it looks/feels amazing.
  4. A review for my car with me and Ascona in main roles)
  5. Small update! Ascona got its final look. I've been waiting for this moment for 5 years and I am very proud of the job I'd done. In plans to refresh the seats with new fabric close to original.
  6. Looks great in black! Love it!
  7. Yes, unfortunately very few cars are still on the road, in Russia about 5 as far as know, also about 2-3 in Belarus and Estonia. The weather conditions are not quite good? especially in Saint-Petesburg, that's why I only have a ride in summer. In winter our salty road will kill it. Up to this time I think we dont have problems with spare parts, may be only with body and some specific parts...Some rare parts I have bought in Poland, but still they are possible to find in Russia like LCD dashboard,front and rear original electrical window lifts and some others. For example, I have a spare front Irmscher bumper, also saw some Irmscher kits on sale.
  8. Finnally, it's done and ont he road!
  9. Thank you, hope that now I'll have less problems and all my plans on car will start to come true. I can say I have so much in my mind on future to do with it...)))
  10. Hi comrades. My Ascona is still alive though it was an accident in september 2015.. Unfortunately half of the engine area burned out, that's why I was almost two years out of business, but now we are on the road again. C20XE installed,a lot of work has been done to get it back on wheels and I'm very happy, though much time I've lost) Also have new 288mm front discs and calipers from Vectra B.
  11. Viktor_opel


  12. Almost ready to the road...
  13. In my opinion all Asconas' in Russia were imported not officially. Allover the country we have a couple of Sprints.
  14. glad to hear. It's quite easy to make it yourself
  15. You're right! bought a Wiechers strut brace and modified it. And lower anchorage
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