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  1. paulgreen700


  2. paulgreen700

    new member/serious enthusiast!

    Wow...a new shell....that must be one of the last ones left
  3. paulgreen700

    updated info retro rides 2013

    Great weekend camping and the show was awesome,, car never missed a beat all weekend and was a bonus when I finally got back to my normal ride on Monday that it was fine after been left in not so good area since Thursday,,, :D the weather is still nice so it looks like the Cav is my normal ride for a while longer ;) ;)
  4. paulgreen700

    1985 SRI VALUE ????

    Love it :) :) Looks Very Nice indeed 8) 8) 8)
  5. paulgreen700

    updated info retro rides 2013

    I've booked camping ticket so will be arriving Saturday afternoon,,, hope there's some space for me ;) ;)