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  1. KatieCar


  2. How odd: MOT it in January but then not tax it at the end of the month.
  3. Took our estate along. Three other Mk2 there. This is my favorite shot because it shows two estates together: Originally we had cars either side but one moved and the owner of the other estate moved to be next to ours. This is the original line up: Also a hatchback and a gorgeous convertible (no photo unfortunately).
  4. Hey, it's stopped raining, the sun's shining (briefly) and I can finally, after a couple of months, get some photos of B407BMC: Four-speed Base model (opposite end of the model spectrum to most people on this board), first registered in November 1984 (1985 model according to the VIN plate). Appears to be a genuine 33,700 miles, two previous owners, MOT'd, SORN'd since 2008 but drives well and getting better as things loosen up (the heater blower has stopped squeaking for example). Probably needs a service as the last one documented was in 2005 - the service book doesn't list a 29-year service so I'm not sure. I blame howmanyleft.com for this. Marian's got a 1995 Mk III Cavalier CDX auto: 1,300 built, 47 left. Then she decided she wanted something older as a restoration project and we found this locally (14 on the road - now 15 -and 22 SORN). Just waiting for some warmer weather to really start on it. I had a series of Mk I & II cavvy L's as company cars back in the day, several of which had 30k miles on the clock when they came to me so that's why I think the mileage is genuine, so distinct feeling of familiar surroundings. (Though still getting used to having a choke again!) Marian had the same feeling as she'd driven my D-reg I bought off the company (although she always preferred her Nova). Aim is to get some restoration done and drive to Billing this year. When I have a bit more time, I'll put something up on the Projects forum when time permits. Mick
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