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  1. Kenny dock

    Kenny dock

  2. I don't know how to post in events section. But it would be good to meet up with other members at this before the season kicks off ^-^ http://www.hamilton-classics.com/event/523c5dd1-34aa-4eee-89fc-9052847c0340 Kenny dock
  3. OK no probs. Hopefully I will be off shift as well
  4. I've seen the white one. Its nice, I know the seller he does come and go on price and takes travel into account. Last week in Jan we could meet. Just let me know what date and time. I would prefer to have the car let it be seen. And see others.
  5. I'm in Paisley. I've yet to pick the car up. It's in northern Ireland, I'm going over 3rd week in January to pick it up. I'm over there for my girlfriends mums birthday then anyway. No point going over twice at 200 quid a time. Car is stored in a big barn anyway. Would be into meeting up. Why is yours a non runner? Could we meet up first week in Feb?
  6. No the Orion Ghia was blue. 8) where in the south side are you?
  7. Just CLICKED ......,,LBP, little big planet ;D got it. Sharp as a tack me.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. Whats the "little big planet" thing. it was well priced considering mileage and condition Whats the club activity like in scotland? kenny dock
  9. Hello, just bought a mk2 cavalier I live just outside glasgow. Onto 3rd classic. Just sold 1988 Orion ghia , before that it was a 1979 manta Sr berlinetta. I prefer clean low milers, as I don't do welding. Anyway love cavaliers, dad had 2. One an 84 GLS saloon. Amazing car. This one is a clean low mileage poverty spec car, but to me the base models are just as awesome. Here's link to some history and photos of my new very greeeeeeeeeeen car http://www.newoldcar.co.uk/index.php/component/content/article/98-featured-cars/vauxhall/1655-featured-cars-vauxhall-cavalier-1982-vauxhall-cavalier-1-6l-5-door-ref-97
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