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  1. Ash1973


  2. I'm loving it! Off work Wed & Thursday and the sun was out, great going topless. Got an interior light off ebay, was listed as an Astra one but looked exactly the same and my hunch was right. Think the handle is sorted cheers to Brett. Was thinking of doing the power steering mod but after the last 2 days, nah, it's great the way it is!!
  3. Hi Brett, do you still have the fuse cover? Wasn't really too bothered about this part but if you've got it........? Yeah it seems to be a really tidy car. The guy I got it off really didn't want to sell it but with a terminal illness he wants to raise money for when he's gone to leave to his family. Sad, but it's gone to a very good home. My mechanic mate couldn't believe the condition of the engine and got all giddy when he saw the original brake lines with no rust or corrosion whatsoever. It had a respray in 2013 (red on red) along with a new hood. Shame I need 4 new tyres, they have as much tread as pretty much the day they were fitted but years old. Ash
  4. [img width=800 height=452]http://i1298.photobucket.com/albums/ag54/Paul_Ash_Ashley/Mobile%20Uploads/IMAG1337_zpsrfaeovhi.jpg
  5. Erm....how do you insert a pic????? Just getting when I click 'insert image'
  6. Cheers for the welcome. Only have one pic at the minute due to the rain!
  7. Thought it'd be rude not to say hello. Recently got myself a Cabrio. Childhood dream come true. I remember servicing my trusty MK2 saloon 24 years ago (first car) and the pic of the cabby in my Haynes manual (which I still had) used to amaze me. Every time I saw it I'd say to my Dad 'one day I'll own one of those'......well it may be nearly a quarter of a century later but hell yeah, I got one!!!!! Good nick too, 73K miles, 40K of those towed on the back of a motorhome around Europe and then used to go local sightseeing/shopping apparently by last owner who had it for 15 yrs. Look forward to using this site!!! Already posted in the 'wanted' for a drivers pull handle and an interior courtesy light. Chin chin....Ash
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