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  1. Paul

    Hi from NZ!

    they always remind me of a ford sierra front, like someone faxed a photo of one to China and asked them to make a copy and they didnt get it quite right
  2. Paul

    Hi from NZ!

    was starting to get worried then when i read diesel, glad a proper engine is going in
  3. Paul

    Hi from NZ!

    that commodore is cool, anymore photos please? i have a lot of love for the older holdens
  4. Paul

    Hi from NZ!

    there is a guy on here henri who has a red cavalier sri hatch in australia somewhere as well, he might even have two cavaliers now i cant remember. lucky as the Camira (one version of) estate looks like a chinese copy of a ford sierra at least the cavalier has a better looking front
  5. Paul

    Hi from NZ!

    Awesome to see one on the other side of the world, as far as i know all of those seats have a tilt on them
  6. Paul

    Newby saying hello

    the one with all the wooden trim inside Greg?
  7. Paul

    Diy Restoration & Upgrade Monza 1.8 BRAZIL

    some nice progress there, makes me want to start doing something with mine
  8. Paul

    Newby saying hello

    How much rust is on it?
  9. Paul

    Diy Restoration & Upgrade Monza 1.8 BRAZIL

    Hello, looks like an interesting project and looks like you are going to be busy with a welder
  10. Paul

    Newby saying hello

    Hello and welcome, interesting project you have there, be good to see some more photos of it
  11. Paul

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    thats a decent list of stuff they are putting on
  12. Paul

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    yea i didnt read that bit when you wrote it john i just clicked the link
  13. Paul

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    when i try and book 1 night the discount doesn't work, but when book thurs, fri and sat night the discount works
  14. Paul

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    you dont have to have a cav to come chris
  15. Paul


    Hello and welcome to the forum Out of interest what colour is your cavalier?