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  1. Try not to buy a rusty one with a **** engine that was stupidly slow like you did last time
  2. Paul

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Nice looking Cavalier
  3. What were the thoughts of the members who went?
  4. Paul

    hi from Russia.

    Sorry to spam your thread, back to your project now
  5. Paul

    hi from Russia.

    Thats the one i saw on Facebook that i liked
  6. Paul

    hi from Russia.

    yes and saw a strange looking estate on facebook the other day, will try and find a photo
  7. Paul

    hi from Russia.

    Brazil/south America did get some cool stuff we didnt get in europe thou
  8. Paul

    Hi from NZ!

    agreed those wheels do look poor without the centre caps on.
  9. why do you think i bought the estate i couldn't fit my cave in the hatch
  10. That gets my vote or Weston super mare wouldn't have to take the cave far then
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