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  1. i wonder what people will end up calling this after we had Billing and BillingnotBilling
  2. Paul

    Hi from NZ!

    agreed those wheels do look poor without the centre caps on.
  3. why do you think i bought the estate i couldn't fit my cave in the hatch
  4. That gets my vote or Weston super mare wouldn't have to take the cave far then
  5. I was looking forward to going to MH this year as last year it sounded awesome, was gutted when billing looked like the only option
  6. Reading the comments on Facebook i think nobody saw this coming Sounds like an interesting venue amd2 i am just happy its not at pikeyfest billing aquadrome
  7. Paul

    Billing Options

    Curiosity mainly John, £500 seems very low thou if thats all the profit they made from a billing weekend
  8. Paul

    Billing Options

    How much did they make from being at MH?
  9. Paul

    Billing Options

    John do you know how much profit the VBOA made from the last couple of shows held at billing?
  10. Paul

    Billing Options

    They posted the offer to the VBOA on Facebook this morning
  11. Paul

    Billing Options

    that would get my vote
  12. Paul

    Billing Options

    Option 2 but without us taking tge financial risk and without the 6 month pre booking
  13. @andy @Frisco @Tim are we going to have a similar vote on here?
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