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  1. GreyDJ2

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    That's not reasonable its f...ing good. To have that little corrosion behind the o/s wheel arch is really good. The only tool missing is the screwdriver and they always seem to vanish.
  2. GreyDJ2

    Hi from NZ!

    Sounds good to me, give them my phone number 07769 938946 and I'm John and I'm in Giffard Park. I have 4 handles that I am cleaning up that you could have as many of as you want either whole or just the ends, either way £2 each.
  3. GreyDJ2

    Hi from NZ!

    I thought I might have a couple of the bits you needed but as I started hunting round I found more. So, from your list I have: - a new grill but with some minor storage scratches £20 - a good hatch wiper switch £10 - set of new brake flexi hoses, do you want all 4 or just the fronts? £10 each - with the winder rubbers is that the slightly squidgy round bit at the end or the whole arm? - bonnet release cable and integrated handle. £15 Can put up photos if needed. Assume Paypal payment and delivery (extra) to UK. Anything else
  4. GreyDJ2

    Hi from NZ!

    The colour is Aquamarine Blue and was used on the SR/SRi from their introductions until Autumn 1983 when the SRi was revised and got red stripe bumpers and the close ratio F16 gearbox. At that time the metallic blue was changed to Helios Blue till it ceased production in 1988. Not sure when the rear wiper changed over but I think it was in 1982. Where was yours made? The VIN number should break down as WOL0000 then probably 86 or 87 (Cav hatch), then C for 1982 or D 1983, then 5 or 6 Antwerp or V for Luton, then sequential vehicle number
  5. GreyDJ2

    Hi from NZ!

    Plastic pipe and a jamjar are great when there is someone to push the brake pedal, the kits are intended for one person operation. There are two types of kit here. The £6 one that puts a one way valve on the pipe into the jamjar (but they sell you a plastic bottle) which is OK but you can't see when the bubbles stop or the colour changes. The other £20 one puts air pressure into the system using the spare tyre as an air reservoir and is brilliant as you just open the nipple and out comes the fluid. It comes with an inline reservoir for fluid but I use mine straight onto the master cylinder reservoir and keep checking not to empty it. Prices approx.
  6. GreyDJ2

    Hi from NZ!

    Welcome to our site. Put a list up and see what happens! I had an 83 SRi same colour as that so fond memories. A couple of SR around but that colour as a SRi is very very rare here now. That seat has had a hard life What's the mileage?
  7. GreyDJ2

    Newby saying hello

    I'll get the camera out in the morning,
  8. GreyDJ2

    Newby saying hello

    Could have the parcel shelf. Where are you?
  9. GreyDJ2

    Garf, lover of all things rusty!

    Brilliant stuff mate. You may have noticed that apart from rare exceptions most of us in the Club are really function over form people. Loved it! (Comment moved from other thread as not the right place.)
  10. GreyDJ2

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Great pictures but something is wrong with your camera. The grass is far, far too green.
  11. GreyDJ2

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    We shall see Good to see you too.
  12. GreyDJ2

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Good to meet you Ian. Thought you might skip the bottom of the M1 given those signs. John
  13. GreyDJ2

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    If he's in a Cav then that means there is a good chance the CavBar will be trailing him. No other Club has anything like it.
  14. GreyDJ2

    VBOA 2018 sign up thread NOW LIVE

    Send a PM to Andy
  15. GreyDJ2

    VBOA 2018 sign up thread NOW LIVE

    Brilliant, I'm just the VBOA man around here. Look forward to seeing you Sunday. John