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  1. Yes Greg, it is now the 10/11/12th July. No-one wanted a clash with Silverstone including Sywell.
  2. Part of the problem is that it is a midspec which are generally worth less than the early/late cars. This is especially true of the interiors which in that condition, as an SRi, would be worth hundreds as early or late. As it is I really don't know. The body shell and running gear is probably pretty shot. The engine and gearbox should be good. But these are rare now and should really be saved. But. The only way that this makes any sense is for someone who knows what they are doing to buy it and put hundreds of uncosted hours into it along with a few hundreds of £ in parts. It really needs someone who knows to look at it. Where in the country are you?
  3. Are you any good at welding or have a friend who is? Followed by a painter. There is a lot of work in that car.
  4. OK mid spec. Alloy or steel wheels with trims?
  5. OK that's post the factory shutdown summer 85. Do the seats have stripes up the middle or are they one colour with a Recaro badge at the top? Just trying to identify if it is last knockings of early spec or mid spec. The rust is probably assisted by water splash from the ground if it was in the open, so all around its outer circumference could be gone. Then depending on leaves in the drains at the base of the screen (under the bonnet) there could have been water ingress to the cabin via the heater hole. The front of the level parts of the front footwells are often rust traps lurking under perfect carpets (its the foam underneath that's the culprit).
  6. Has it got a red or a silver stripe in the bumpers?
  7. The reps like me had no say in this, it was just presented to us at last Sunday's meeting and went live almost straight after. At the time we did not get a handle on what the deeper implications were. It was presented as being simple because everything was multiples of £5. Clearly there are winners compared to last year, like two people in a car staying for one night.
  8. The cost has never been as low as that. Even day entry alone was £10. Similar cost for PVS this year was £25.
  9. NOTE THE NEW DATE caused by the FIA moving the British GP and driving up the cost of everything, especially Loos, on our original weekend. More info coming on the info thread. Following lots of suggestions the pricing structure has totally changed, allowing in particular much lower cost single night stays. It is basically £5 a day for a car £5 a day for a person over 16, free if younger. There are kids fun activities wrist bands for £5 a day or £10 for all 3 days. £5 a day for camping There is a new booking system with the ticket being issued as an email, exchangeable on site for various colour wristbands. Bookings before 31st December get a 20% discount, but not on the hotel which will be VBOA only. The voucher code is VBOAEARLY20 Book via www.vboa.org.uk from now on as some have already done, especially the hotel rooms.
  10. GreyDJ2


    Welcome. Where abouts are you? If you end up needing one of those bulb holders I'll post you one. I'll dig out what the bulb is tomorrow.
  11. Thought that might be it but I had forgotten what they were called. I'll be on it
  12. I must be missing something. Why?
  13. Thanks for the replies, short or long no problem. Keep them coming, the VBOA meeting is on 6th Oct.
  14. GreyDJ2

    Just joined

    Welcome to the site. Bit of an evolution there
  15. This was an earlier email from VBOA. I would suggest that he date is unlikely to change. " after a successful show at Sywell aerodrome this year we are excited to confirm that we have been invited back by the owners for next year. However, The only available date is Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July. We have taken the decision to go ahead with these dates. We have also secured a deal with the hotel to keep all the room rates at the same rates as this year. This means all hotel booking will be made direct with the VBOA along with ticket sales. "
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