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  1. The reps like me had no say in this, it was just presented to us at last Sunday's meeting and went live almost straight after. At the time we did not get a handle on what the deeper implications were. It was presented as being simple because everything was multiples of £5. Clearly there are winners compared to last year, like two people in a car staying for one night.
  2. The cost has never been as low as that. Even day entry alone was £10. Similar cost for PVS this year was £25.
  3. NOTE THE NEW DATE caused by the FIA moving the British GP and driving up the cost of everything, especially Loos, on our original weekend. More info coming on the info thread. Following lots of suggestions the pricing structure has totally changed, allowing in particular much lower cost single night stays. It is basically £5 a day for a car £5 a day for a person over 16, free if younger. There are kids fun activities wrist bands for £5 a day or £10 for all 3 days. £5 a day for camping There is a new booking system with the ticket being issued as an email, exchangeable on site for various colour wristbands. Bookings before 31st December get a 20% discount, but not on the hotel which will be VBOA only. The voucher code is VBOAEARLY20 Book via www.vboa.org.uk from now on as some have already done, especially the hotel rooms.
  4. GreyDJ2


    Welcome. Where abouts are you? If you end up needing one of those bulb holders I'll post you one. I'll dig out what the bulb is tomorrow.
  5. Thought that might be it but I had forgotten what they were called. I'll be on it
  6. I must be missing something. Why?
  7. Thanks for the replies, short or long no problem. Keep them coming, the VBOA meeting is on 6th Oct.
  8. GreyDJ2

    Just joined

    Welcome to the site. Bit of an evolution there
  9. This was an earlier email from VBOA. I would suggest that he date is unlikely to change. " after a successful show at Sywell aerodrome this year we are excited to confirm that we have been invited back by the owners for next year. However, The only available date is Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July. We have taken the decision to go ahead with these dates. We have also secured a deal with the hotel to keep all the room rates at the same rates as this year. This means all hotel booking will be made direct with the VBOA along with ticket sales. "
  10. Just had the following from VBOA. Note the later date. The VBOA are pleased to announce that we are going back to Sywell Aerodrome for the VBOA Rally 17th-19th July 2020. We have listened and learnt lots from the success of the 2019 event and plan to build from that to deliver another show that we as an association and community can be proud of! At present, exact details aren't going to be released with regards to activities/vendors etc but we will keep you all updated as and when we secure them. All camping, hotel, day and other tickets will be on sale from the 1st of September 2019 in the relaunch of the VBOA website/shop, additionally a telephone booking option will be available. This will also include merchandise and left over plaques and stickers from prior years shows (where available). The ticketing and hotel bookings will be taken "in-house" this year so we will have a one stop shop for all your VBOA rally needs. There have been lots of people contacting us for hotel rooms at the Aviator hotel onsite, please note we are NOT pre-reserving rooms as that is unfair, it will be a first come first served basis. There is a VBOA meeting on the 6th October 2019, so if you have something to offer the event, be it help on the day(s)/being a vendor/a band or anything else then please let me know ahead of the meeting. The VBOA Events committee are looking forward to seeing you all there next year and at any other shows in the between time. Just to emphasize the above, please do NOT try to pre-reserve hotel rooms with until the booking is open.
  11. Just been notified that there will be a VBOA stand there.
  12. Suggest you leave the brakes as is. It certainly isn't worth the hassle of changing the rears to disc, drum brakes just sit there and go on and on, bloody rear discs rust away if not continuously used, a real pain. Also you might have difficulty finding original 13" as most of them seem to have gone motor racing, I know mine did. There was/is a class that uses wide 13" like that. And welcome to Mk2Cav by the way
  13. GreyDJ2

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Is it a manual? What's the mileage? As you say, quite different to drive than a Mk3 CD. Much more involving.
  14. GreyDJ2

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Now that's a nice car.
  15. Going to have to move comments here myself Rich Dale I loved the new location personally. We often look at Billing through rose-tinted glasses but it was us lot who made it what it was, not the site. Billing had a lot of flaws, not to mention asbo types causing issues! We were talking about it Saturday night and how I once had to shout at a group to shut up in the middle of the night making loads of noise and keeping us all awake! That was just one example! At least now, it’s only us show goers there and no chavs or gypos wanting to cause trouble! We need to do like we discussed and have a huge proper get together like we used to! Make it a big huge party on our stand, get other clubs to want to join us! Be loud and rowdy like we used to haha! Sywell has HUGE potential and I’d hate to see it move again! Darren Hilburn +1 andy above. i dont think the political wranglings last year helped, billing>MH>sywell. but i think the site was brilliant, easy to get to, well kept, spacious, genuinely hope it survives and grows in the future Andy Gray I thought it was great. I am sure it will be even better next year now they know what’s what. On mk2astra we were missing a 6-7 regulars too. Hopefully back at sywell for 2020 ! I guess similar to the first year at mh some don’t come until they see what it’s like. John Waddell Sarah Thurlow The big old clubs are not what they were, perhaps with the exception of Manta. VxON (good old Cavweb as was) is no more, gone. Sites like this have done them in. What are appearing are new flourishing clubs coming out of social media, there were two new ones to VBOA this weekend and they were heaving. What the past three years has shown is the impact on our show of hundreds of non Vauxhall caravan owners walking round, making it look very busy. Strip them out and that's what we have now. Given the conflicting objectives of Billing and VBOA the show had to move and I recon that Sywell is going to be a damn good successor site. Robert Macdonald Thought it was a great venue and lay out. Sadly a very quiet event...car clubs quiet and auto jumble quiet. Still had a great time and will be back next year. Rich Dale Ivan Jay yeh was a fantastic atmosphere in there both nights, but Saturday was way busier. Dance floor was packed later on!
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