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  1. Please use this thread for general discussion and memories/pictures of the event.
  2. Thanks Neil.

  3. Thought I'd better start a thread on my Cav. First photos show it as it was when I bought it, having towed it from Colindale in North London back to MK, then how it looks now.
  4. Hi Matt, if no-one else has had it I'll take it. Is that £40 with or without post?

    What's your Paypal address? I'll send you a gift.


    1. Matt O-SRi

      Matt O-SRi

      Hi John. Sorry mate I sold it quite quickly. 

    2. GreyDJ2


      No problem, it was for 'stock'.

  5. Hi Greg, Just replaced the alternator on my LET today and I think there is a bolt hole you can use as the block end fixing for your fabricated tensioner bracket. It is the one that the existing XE alternator top 'y' bracket uses near the end of the head. You would need to put a 90 degree bend and a dogleg in the bracket but it should work ok.

    As to the parts, £10 each plus post say £30 all in.

    Regards John

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    2. GreyDJ2


      Just checked this bottom bracket against my XE and it looks ok, albeit with a bottom third bolt for the SE, not used but hole still there and tapped in the block on the XE. This will give you a bottom bracket to hold weight of the alternator in place with you only needing to fabricate the top, tensioner, bracket.

    3. Greg


      Currently struggling to get on top of this, please bare with me as I try to work out what to do.  I need to look at the standard bracket....I am guessing that it won't pivot.....again need to check....sorry I put my back out a couple of weekends ago and still struggling.  All the more fun when you run your own business ;)

      Thanks for all your help, and I might need these parts, so please put them by.  I will be in touch.

    4. GreyDJ2


      No hurry and yes, the XE supports (two bolts in the bottom bracket and two brackets at the top with 3 bolts into the engine) do not adjust as there is the  separate tensioner. This means the load is carried fairly widely, especially as the alternator is more powerful, so heavier, than the one on the Mk2. The bottom bracket on the Mk2, to compensate, has three bolts into the block.

      The Mk3 brackets may also put the alternator in a slightly different place due to the multi V belt compared to the single V on the Mk2.

      Hope that helps.

  6. until
    VBOA National Rally, Billing 2016 MK2CAV.COM's "35 for 35" Display celebrating 35 years of the MK2 Cavalier Venue Billing Aquadrome, Crow Lane, Great Billing, Northampton, NN3 9DA Dates Saturday July 16th and Sunday July 17th 2016. Pricing Members who pre-book with Billing will enjoy a discounted rally rate of £17 per vehicle per night for pitches without an electric hook-up. This pre-booked rally rate will apply to reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, July 15th, 16th and 17th. NOTE: Differences to last year are a £2 a night price increase (first for many years) and a much reduced autojumble A minimum of 2 nights must be booked to obtain the rally rate. All pitches are for one vehicle and a maximum of four people. Pre-book electric hook ups will be charged at an extra £6 per night but please note that very few of these are available on the designated show fields. All pitches have to be vacated by 11am the following day. For non pre-booked camping arrivals or for camping on days before and after the event, the normal park camping rate of £23 per vehicle per night for non-electric pitches and £29 with electric hook-up will apply. Extra vehicles will be charged at a flat £10 for the duration of the event. Day visitors will be charged £10 per day per vehicle and up to four people and do not have to pre-book. Billing will give VBOA club members a £5 per night discount on any static holiday home bookings for the event - a 7 night minimum booking period applies. Pre-Book Benefits Rally rate for entry. A dedicated “fast track” entry lane. A welcome pack to include Billing passes, a park map with the VBOA Club stand locations and details of special offers - The Venue will be offering Chef’s Specials throughout the weekend. Pre-Book Process For the benefit of all, Clubs are asked to ensure that this code is only issued to bone fide club members and is not circulated in general communications. All pitches must be pre-booked by 9th July 2015. Bookings made on the 10th onwards will be at FULL tariff Note: the Billing pre-booking process requires a pitch location and number to be issued and shown on the customer pass. These specific locations do not apply to VBOA bookings and club members should proceed to their club stand areas as usual Other Information A temporary shower block will be installed in Swan’s Field as per last year. All shower/toilet blocks will be open from 6am and serviced 24 hours. New gas supplies have been installed and we are assured that the hot water supply is improved. Entertainment will be available in the leisure venue on Friday and Saturday nights. Details on the Billing Aquadrome web site 24 hour security will be provided by the Billing on-site team. A 11.00pm site curfew/excess noise rule will be applied to all Park visitors by Park security. A strict 10 mph Park speed limit is now enforced by both Security and the new Park Wardens Park management will attend the 9.00am VBOA rep briefing meetings on Saturday and Sunday morning to handle any complaints about facilities etc. The VBOA will use their traditional on-site caterers Due to local bye-laws, the autojumble will be restricted to registered traders. This will reduce the number of traders on site Please use this thread for chat about the event.
  7. I agree they are the same 130/estate. The mountings on the body are the same but there are different rubbers that go in them with a bigger hole for the bar.
  8. Team work