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  1. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    OK if not "blunt" how about "to the point without the expected Irish baloney"
  2. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Having closed all the 2017 threads this is the place for any comments on VBOA or the next show.
  3. If you guys want to continue this line of chat can you do it somewhere else please? I'll be deleting the O/T stuff.
  4. Hi all. We had the meeting in Luton in Luton this morning and thanks to those of you who gave feedback. We are at Market Harborough again next year, the vote was unanimous, probably the 14/15 July weekend. That will be confirmed over the next few days. A new show organising joint VBOA/LMF sub committee has been formed to spread the load of implementing the improvements, including stand sizes and location, based on this year's experiences. They will report back at the November VBOA meeting. LMF and VBOA have clearly taken on board many positive suggestions and LMF along with the landowner and MH District Council will be working to put in some permanent toilets/showers up near the entrance. hopefully in time for next year. A temporary toilet management team, better rubbish system (LMF said that they had seriously underestimated the amount and more security will also be in place. There will also be a wet weather plan rather than a 'seat of the pants' operation. The 'entertainment' tent will, as an experiment for one year, be licensed from Friday lunchtime to Sunday morning and until midnight on Saturday, the range and times of food will also be increased. This is due partly to cater for overseas visitors, who may not have stocked up on their way, as well as those who found carrying booze from the far corners of the site up to the tent a bit of an effort! The' road' system is to be modified, basically widened, more clearly marked and probably one-way. Also possibly a co-ordinated bus service into town. In other business this year's spares day was cancelled, subject to Vauxhall permission there is a plan to run one next year in conjunction with a day at the Heritage Museum in Luton. Next update in November.
  5. Please use this thread for general discussion and memories/pictures of the event. Plus any comments on this year's show and suggestions for next year's.