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  1. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Interesting question. Will check.
  2. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Had a VBOA meeting today. Below is the revised layout for this year's show. As you can see we are up near the entrance. The stand is 50 metre square, so bigger than Billing! Running around the site is a two lane, one way track going clockwise so although we are by the entry we will have to drive all the way round to get to us. This is how it is today, there may be changes but not for us. The auto jumble and entertainment area is in the large black area bottom right. Toilets will be scattered around the site and we are close to the shower block! The site is proving to be very resilient in wet weather. They have just taken two big shows from other show grounds (next week its 300+ horses and their transports) from other show grounds, including Peterborough, that are currently waterlogged. So if does rain we will not see another Billing washout. Don't forget that you will have to be a paid up Club member to put your car on our stand. We need that £15 to pay for insurance and the other admin costs of the Club including this website and our VBOA related activities.
  3. Hatchback

    Sprinkle some talc around so you can see from the water trail across it the direction of flow.
  4. Russian Irmscher

    Looks really nice. Good choice. That wheel looks very like the early Calibra 4 spoke that a few of us use.
  5. Hatchback

    Putting a grinder with a wirebrush in it or just a poke around with a screwdrive can reveal all kinds of nasties. That little rust spot may be the tip of an iceberg.
  6. Hatchback

    The MOT guy is looking at it from a different perspective to you. He is really only looking for dangerously bad corrosion around suspension mounting points. Your horizon is much wider, plus you are interested in the the future i.e. stopping further degradation, he isn't.
  7. Hatchback

    Wait a moment! That rust to the left of that area looks highly suspect to me. Get a screwdriver into it as I have a horrible feeling, based on my past experience, that all is not well there. Bear in mind that it is probably outside in rot you can see as that is an inherently dry/zero abrasion part of the footwell. Outside at that spot is a completely different matter, it is one of the top if not the top rot areas in the car. If it is like that inside it is likely that outside is a mess. Hope not but it looks the same under the accelerator pedal.
  8. SRI 130 HATCH Already at £3800 with a couple of bidders fighting it out. This should go for really good money. Just in case mention the Club or even this thread. Good luck.
  9. Estonian Ascona C Irmscher 88'

    The Cavalier/Vectra A shares their underbody with the Astra F. The Cavalier/Ascona C are different.
  10. Hatchback

    Those three layers of steel are the floorpan, the bulkhead and the inner arch. There is also a reinforcing panel underneath on of the floor. If it is like that inside the car there is a good chance the bulkhead is going along the lower seam in the engine bay. If there is sound deadening on the bulkhead in the engine bay peel it up to check it out.
  11. 85' Cavalier 1.6 L

    That design wheel was standard on CDi. Those look as if they might be the 15" version from a Mk3 Cav Expression. Much easier to get better tyres than the 13" originals.
  12. Spares Day 2016 30th October

    Andy, it was the VBOA who decided not to proceed. Numbers were dropping, there was a lot of effort required setting it up and we made a loss on the last one.
  13. Spares Day 2016 30th October

    Probably not as such. VBOA are trying to set up a day at the Heritage Centre in Luton with a 'spares day' in the carpark. Currently awaiting comment from Vauxhall.
  14. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Same as last year, Market Harborough showground.
  15. VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Yes Greg, it is the 14/5 July next year.