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  1. vxcalibre

    Not so newbie

    Perfect weather for it!! Nice looking car, facelift lights and trim work well....
  2. good old fashioned jet wash sorts old cav trim out..... other than the stench of mouse.
  3. vxcalibre

    Just joined

    takes me back to my days selling wheels, arrows were the way forward.....
  4. vxcalibre


    hi! like it, looks in good order to be fair? my mate had an SR in this colour ANF302Y (long dead I believe) look after those centre caps!!
  5. see you have a VAG fan opposite!
  6. looking back, I think the rear shelf and big "X" behind the rear seat was anthracite too......
  7. vxcalibre


    wow, looks fresh off the forecourt....
  8. Slightly off topic, I remember years ago, with the Calibre register (morning Paul & Mandy....) one went tech on the mot ramp just before billing, fella called Brian turned up at Billing in a Tigra
  9. hey, just found "Gregs 4th LX"  on the bay...….


    1. Greg


      Saw this.....it looks good.....I have messaged the seller telling them to keep it, restore it and get on here

  10. as far as I know, they will be the same on all except 2 door........
  11. ive got the same problem, a bracket spotwelded for the dash has partly come away behind the clocks. its on my to do list have an assistant with a hose outside, douse the roof +screen etc while you hunt the leak.......
  12. drop the interior light and visor, and the lining carefully, you'll get an idea if the roofs leaking from its front drains
  13. not had mine to bits for a while, how are the heater motors sealed on these cars.........
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