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  1. I know of the differences between the 20ne / 20seh, but does anyone know what differences are between the 20se /20seh. 20 defies th cc as 1998, the S is the compression ratio of 10.0:1, and the E is that it is an injection engine. But what about cams, ecu etc. Are they the same as the seh. With the seh being in the 130 Sri cars and as far as I know the se was in the Astra gte and the Carlton. Se having 122bhp and 127lbft, is it down to the exhausts being different or is it ecu and cam? The reason I ask is I have a se unit, but it came from a 1988 cavalier Sri130, but had all of the "extras" of a 130. The 130 logos the fog lights the oil cooler and the gm oval tail pipe? Or was Vauxhall being Vauxhall.

  2. had this just over a week and already started to play with it. First off the grill has had a make over, satin black and clear indicators. Set of springs, drives soo nice now. Then I re-wired the stereo and the digi dash as it had crap led's and now has the (tick) type rev counter.


  3. I am sooo bummed out! I have recently bin'd my gls and the insurance say its a total loss?. Feel as sick as a dog. Going home from work in her and the ass end stepped out and bang in the wall. Front and rear n/s. I am keeping her to salvage what I can. So anything needed let me know. Now I am on the look out for another.


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    2. Greg


      Glad you are ok.....as Ken says, strip it clean and box up the bits for your next one ;¬)

    3. retrotony87


      yeah done. But my "next one" is an '83 gl saloon, so most of the bits don't fit. But on the other hand its in pretty good Nic.


    4. Greg


      Looks good....enjoy

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