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  1. All done Sal.thank you,I can't wait to get them!

    Lance,thanks again man

  2. Hi Sal.I can see the ad but no picture on there.Ping me your paypal address and I'll get the £20 off to you regardless.


  3. I took it to an indicated 85 on the A1 and it was fine apart from the shudder.Acceleration from a standstill is not the fastest but it overall performance is acceptable,for me anyway.I used it for a bit of running about yesterday to get the battery charged properly,(bright boy left the radio on and flattened it,even though all it's doing is flashing "CODE"),and it's not a bad little drive actually,very relaxing round the lanes.Can you tell I really like it?
  4. It's a 1.3 L actually.Luxuries are limited to a cassette stereo,(code has been lost as she kindly changed the battery but I'm sure someone can unlock it for me),heated rear window...and...er...that appears to be it.I'm happy despite the poverty spec,one cannot expect everything in life and it drives very very well,apart from a bit of a shudder between 60 and 75.I've done a bit more compounding between work phone calls.Other great news is that the boot floor and front turret tops are as new,no rust whatsoever.Good old thing really
  5. So my Commander project that was going so well has slowed up a bit,you know the scenario,welder bloke busy/can't borrow the trailer to get it back to the paint shop for polishing/yada-yada....*yawn*... Anyway I was quite content to wait a little while ,I've got other cars so no need of transport when: "Hallo mate you enquired about a Cavalier saloon a few months back? well are you still interested because the lady seller has dropped the price considerable etc etc..." Had to ask the guy to remind me as to what it was as I had absolutely no recollection of talking to him or anything about the car,which is described as,"a red saloon,one owner,22 thousand miles ,no MOT etc and located in Peckham. Any one owner low mileage car had to be worth thinking about,so after a bit of he said /she said and a few calls ,I agree to borrow a trailer and at least go and have a look. Of course,it doesn't end with having a look does it? The guy then texts to say it has a valid MOT until March 2017.Hmmm...but does it RUN? Another text: yes,it starts/runs.Okaaay....so it will drive onto a trailer.But then I get another text,the lady has had to fit a brand new battery to get it going,but it now runs fine. The upshot is I now have another bloody Cavalier Mk2 in desperately faded red but so far NO RUST HAS BEEN DISCOVERED!,it has done 26.5k miles and apart from a noisy heater fan and stuck flaps,(will only blow hot from the outer vents),and a few little knocks here and there which mean it requires two rear lights and one n/s front indicator,all seems good. I know it doesn't overheat because it took me 4.5 hours to get it out of London to my place near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire and the fan was in and out like a machine gun. I've put some pics on the Members Garage,here's a before and after of the bit that I've compounded so far.If it all buffs up like that I'll be well pleased
  6. Apologies if this has been posted before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFzMTSfFPGs
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