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  1. Been busy on the cav last few months and it did its 1st rally in god knows how many years but all was not well. Managed 6 miles and broke an outer cv joint. One of the only parts that wasn't changed! Jobs on the new list are uprated engine mounts, Longer travel inserts for the coilovers and a new idle control valve. Few pics below of her out and a couple from yesterday with a new shaft in ready to go again.
  2. Cheers guys. Have had 9 dry thursdays in a row which in wales is unheard of!!! Got the glass back in, door strips on, lights and wipers done, fire extiguisher and cut off cables plumbed in, weather strips on, set of road tyres for tracking and 1st trip up the road since 2009!! Best feeling ever. lol. Entry is in as well for Classic tracks Targa rally in Llandsul 28th May. 4 thursdays left and 21 jobs left on the list of things to do. Fingers crossed.
  3. Been Working hard on the Cav for the last 8 weeks here and there. Cant upload pictures as keep getting a 4.88mb message? Shes looking good though
  4. I gave up hope of restoring it about 2 years ago and put it on ebay for sale as i lost storage space. Sold it to a mate who did nothing with it, found space, bought it back and cracked on. lol
  5. How she used to look when 1st built. Good few years and many rallys ago!
  6. Sorry for multiple pics. As i said not great with computers. lol. Currently running f16cr with tran x lsd, Bilstein front coilovers, Bilstein group A rear shocks, 4 branch and janspeed full system, fse regulator and pump, Multi point triangulated cage through to turrets front and back, All poly bushed etc. She's a rough old girl now but on the road to recovery!
  7. Welding up the rear cage mounts on the cav. More pics to follow
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