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  1. Kelvin berry


    Best laid plans and all that, what with one thing and another I've not had time to look at my car, to say I'm not happy is an understatement, I've ordered parts for it which didn't turn up when expected, been unwell , and rain put a stop to it as well, it's my wife's birthday tomorrow and I'm spending time with her, so fingers crossed for good weather on Saturday and the parts to actually do some work on it.
  2. Kelvin berry


    Gotta strip the dash out to find a leak, hope it's not the screen. Pics to follow...
  3. Kelvin berry


    I've got a week off work soon and I'm gonna be spending the time on my car getting some jobs done at last..
  4. Kelvin berry

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    I' in the same boat chris m. Looks to be a good size , I've never been to one so hoping to have a good time and hopefully get a few bits ..
  5. Kelvin berry


    Thanks I'll have to have a look see if I can get them to sit properly. .
  6. Kelvin berry


    Just had the sills and arches turn up, the arches are ok but the sills are for a 4 door now I'm wondering if they will fit or not..
  7. Kelvin berry


    I'l try anything to find out where it' getting in.
  8. Kelvin berry


    I think the dash has been out before as there's a gap between that and the screen and the edge of it is beginning to separate, I've a horrible feeling that the screens got to come out and be resealed.
  9. Kelvin berry


    I've checked the head lining and that's dry, have been contemplating taking the dash out and checking the bulkhead before I do anymore to the Interior.
  10. Kelvin berry


    Have checked sunroof drainage and mine had 4 drainage points, one in each corner. Have wondered if drain pipes have detached or leak. The screen rubber looks to be sound.
  11. Kelvin berry


    Woke up this morning to find puddles in both my footwells , have been checking the usual places ie winscreen door seals scuttle drains it they seem ok, i'm wondering if it could be the sunroof drainage as there was a little bit of water on the A post, has anybody come across this before help and advice needed please..
  12. Kelvin berry


    Good point, I've had the welder to look at other footwell and he said it's solid but still the jobs keep mounting up. Lol..
  13. Kelvin berry


    I see what you mean Greg dj2 , the mot guy seems to think it's not to bad on the outside. But will be looking into it further..
  14. Kelvin berry


    All it needs now is to be cleaned up and painted white I think it looks a lot better than it did..
  15. Kelvin berry