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  1. Hi everyone! I am not a newbie as such; I think I have been on the facebook group for the best part of 2 years now and attended the last 2 VBOA shows at Market Harborough however, I have not really used this site much and thought it about time I introduced myself. I am 35 years old, married to Nikki and have 2 tolerable children, Annabelle and Chloe. I am fairly new to Vauxhalls having only really had a Nova saloon before I got the Cavaliers but have been into cars for as long as I remember and attended a fair few shows over the years through the VW scene as I have had Beetles in the past and still have my campervan although it is currently awaiting having its new engine (2.0 16V Zetec from a Mondeo) being fitted. I have no allegiance to any particular brand, I just like anything old that you don't really see anymore. Over the years I have had 3 Volkswagen Beetles, a '79 Passat, '87 Passat, couple of Mk3 Golfs, T25, T4, LT, half a dozen (or so) Citroen BXs, Fiat Panda, Tipo, Uno, Ford Granada, Fiesta, Escort, Sierra, GMC Vandura and many more (well over 50 all in but not all oldschool). I decided I was going to sell my T25 to put toward a deposit on a house but if I was doing that, I still wanted a fun old car and narrowed it down to Sierra, Mk4 Escort or Mk2 Cavalier. I went for the Cavalier as my dad used to go to the auctions and buy to sell on and one of the ones he bought was an E reg Cavalier hatchback he sold to my Grandad who then kept it for about 10-15 years. I bought my first Cavalier January 2017 and loved it straight away. It was sitting in a scrap yard in Kent after failing its MOT. It had less than 25,000 miles and one owner from new. Unfortunately the low mileage was mostly short trips and the interior was not in a good way with the drivers seat bolster worn through, the carpets crappy glove box door broken after being broken into and having only done about 150 miles a year for the last few years and spending most of its time sat in the sun in the same place, the dash was cracked in multiple places and the handles on the door cards pretty much falling apart. The sun had also worked its magic on the paint work, wearing it through to the metal in places and giving the beautiful patina usually associated with American 'dry state' cars. I quickly started fixing it up and modifying it and then October came. Around about October, I happened upon a 1 owner Cavalier saloon which was a couple of years older yet had even lower mileage (8,240 from memory) and what I thought was similar patina. It had last been MOT'd in 2006 and then sat under the owner's lean-to as he was too ill to drive it. It sat there unused until he died last year and was put on ebay by a local garage which had a side line in collecting abandoned vehicles. I managed to buy it and had it MOT'd and serviced down in Plymouth where it lived before getting the train down to pick it up for its first proper drive in over 12 years. It had done 10 miles between the MOT in 2006 and my MOT in 2017 and here was I embarking on a 300 mile drive home! It turned out to be a lovely drive and didn't miss a beat. So, that is how I came to be in your lovely club. I will do a readers ride thread in your Garage section at some point for both cars. The saloon hasn't changed much but the hatchback has had a lot done to it (have to admit it makes me smile when people tell me how nice and original it is!) and it isn't finished yet. It is one of those cars that may never be finished but it keeps me happy and busy at least Here's some photos of both cars from VBOA 2018. Most of the cars in the club are much much shinier than mine so I would like to thank you for accepting us and our rusty junk and all the positive feedback we have received for both cars
  2. Didn't notice a discount being applied??? £75 for Fri-Sun with an extra vehicle sound right?
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