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  1. I have everything ahead, cool work. you have i200 rather
  2. bought rims, original. :) need restoration
  3. I from the city of Rostov-on-Don. southern capital of Russia. in Russia I know that there are only 2 Opel ascona sprint (survivors) and 1 Opel ascona sprint in Belarus. plate photo from my car
  4. hi to fans Opel. I live in Russia to me 35 years. very much are pleasant old "Opel". I have many cars and all of them are different, there is in my garage Opel. a state of course it not really good, but I want to restore it to a factory state as the car rare. Opel ascona\cavalier would like to get sometime on your joint actions of fans. we in Russia have no such, very boringly.
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