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  1. Rusty


    The youth of today ..
  2. Rusty


    Where there s a will theres a way , anyone else have a 1.6 diesel cav ??
  3. Rusty


    Cheers greg , I like ur lx thread nicely done
  4. Rusty


    Yep that s my thinkin on it as well , I ve had a golf mk2 diesel before as daily driver so I know about slow and it didn t bother me
  5. Rusty


    Not exactly a "minter" but it was cheap and diesel which is rare enough
  6. Rusty


    Nice one do u have pics of your one , be interested as well in photo of the engine layout mine has a presumably non standard coolant pipe set up , one return pipe has a t piece in it that joins up 2 others , and one connection on expansion tank is blanked off ,no idea why . I will get a couple pics later
  7. Rusty


    Do u have any experience with them.? I was told that in their day they were popular taxis
  8. Rusty


    Hi , greetings all . I joined recently as I bought a project 1982 opel ascona 1.6d saloon and have found the site good and helpful and have even bought a good bonnet from a member here . My car has no history ,about 5 owners on the book , mileage that could ve gone round the clock more than once , rust holes all over it , and sounds like a massey ferguson but I love it . I had a '89 astra bought but when this came up for sale I jumped at it . I will put up pics soon
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