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  1. Hooray, hang out the flags, engine runs fine , sounds sweet. Now for the rest of the jobs that need doing prior to getting ready for MOT. Next on the list fuel and brake pipes and driveshaft boots. Sorry no vid.
  2. Not even dressed yet, been waiting 20 years, a few hours more i can take
  3. Big day tomorrow hopefully, will pop the sender back in and fingers crossed it may be driving out the garage for the first time in over 20 years.
  4. Yes you may well be right. Also thinking about it probably not a good idea anyway for what i was thinking as it may well get battered by stones etc so i am still going with external filter (in addition to the one with the pump) but metal case.
  5. Can someone tell me why not. Was looking for a new filter to go on the end of the sender outlet pipe without much luck and then had one of those lighbulb moments. Have no filter on the end of the pipe in the tank that cant be inspected easily, instead just have a small (see through) in line filter between the tank and pump.
  6. Absolutely, it was driving me mad, putting petrol in and nothing coming out, not to mention of course that i could not actually start the car. Of course as soon as i started to unscrew the sender the petrol made an appearance I think im going to put the sender back in, ive cleaned it up, fixed the earth connection back on so all i need is a little filter for the end of the pipe. Will be fine for now until if and when i can get my hands on a new/old unit.
  7. On closer inspection it was not so much that the filter was blocked but actually the end of the pipe for about 4/5 cm was completely blocked with a black sludge. Might be worth others knowing who may be expeiencing propblems with fuel delivery.
  8. Good news is the sender is out, bolts actually did not put up a fight and the problem is now obvious, filter is totally blocked. Now i would really like to replace with a new sender unit but so far i have failed to find a suitable replacement so any ideas or suggestions as to wherei might find one would be very welcome. Alternatively i am going to be forced to clean up this one, fit a new filter (where from?), re solder the earth wire, and check the actual sender/float mechanism is working ok. Really do not want to do that though. Any help with either sourcing a new unit or just new filter would be gratefully received. Also when refitting the unit (new or old) any suggestions as to what gaskets to use. Many thanks. One last question, is it possible for somebody to move this now to projects, would seem more appropriate.
  9. No worries, ian is still totally bemused about his fuel tank . More fuel in, no fuel out???? Have a feeling im going to have to remove the tank completely and sort it out properly. Probably no bad thing as i can give it a good going over and repaint/protect it while its out. However before i do that im going to attempt to carefully remove the sender unit today to see if i can find out what exactly is going on, just a bit concerned the bolts may not want to come out. Have looked for a replacemnt sender unit as well (as the earth terminal has coroded) but cannot find a direct replacement for it as yet
  10. Im assuming the only way to do that is to remove the sender unit?
  11. Thankyou for the reply. Yes i had no idea of what the tank was like internally, will stick another gallon in and see what happens. Its an 85 Cavalier SRi.
  12. Quite a while since i posted, work continues (slowly), but i have hit a stumbling block. I have had the engine running some weeks ago and even sorted out the issue i had with the fuel pump. However last week i thought i would start her up again just to make sure all was still good and refused to start. I suspected fuel was the problem so checked what flow there was from the pump and nothing. Immediately thought i must just be out of fuel as i had only put a small amount in before so put in about a gallon and a half and tried again, nothing! This is where it gets very odd and im sure to be asking what may be a stupid question but took the fuel outlet pipe of the sender on the tank and no petrol, not a drip, how can this be when i have just put in over a gallon. I am obviously missing something very obvious. Any ideas welcome.
  13. Relay is new and is definately ok and operating correctly. No immobiliser. All fuses are also ok. What would be really helpful is if anybody could tell me whether there are any connection plugs/sockets in the wiring between where the two wires from the pump that go up into the rear wheel arch and the 12v supply that feeds it via the relay from the front.
  14. Well the progress continues but i have hit a speed bump. First the good news. The engine runs fine and no leaks at all from new exhaust fitted or numerous new fuel hoses and breathers fitted. However, only runs if i put a direct 12v feed to the fuel pump. It has new fuel pump, filter and relay all of which have been tested and are ok but it seems that i am getting no automatic voltage to the pump despite the relay activating correctly. I am left to assume that there may be a bad connection somewhere or worst case a break inthe wiring. Before i start to try and track down the problem thought i would ask first to see if there are any known issues of this nature and perhaps where to look first. Any help appreciated. PS Any chance this can be moved to "projects".
  15. Thanks for the reply. Although the car has been stood for a long time i have been working on it on and off for a year or two and the engine has been turned over regularly with fresh oil in it now so fingers crossed hoping all will be ok but will take your tip. Was not sure whether the injectors might be a bit clogged up at all and whether some additive in the petrol would be advisable? Petrol was drained completely some years ago now but i have just flushed a bit through the tank , pump/filter and surprised how clean it came through. Start up may have to be put off till tomorrow as i am busy with work. Im also gusessing it may take a fair bit of turning over to get the fuel through so battery is on charge
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