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  1. The outlet comes out of a swirlpot I'm sure and 1 gallon perhaps isn' enough fuel to allow it to self siphon as the level is below the bend I'd imagine, but that' assumption, if it has a pump it' an injection model so deffo has the swirlpot I'd be putting some more juice in it first off
  2. Soooooo no more photos but we do have some progress, on boxing day I said to the better half after 1 or 9 beers "I bet that old cav will run with a battery and a drop of fresh petrol"....when they all stopped laughing I decided (me being the man of the house and all) that it would run with a battery and a drop of fuel if it killed me Lol, so i went and got a gallon of petrol and sat it in the inner wing and just stuck the rubber hose from the suck side of the cam driven petrol pump Into the fuel can, and I stole the battery off her 307 cabriolet and turned the key, I had almost flattened the battery and I'd flooded it and cleaned the plugs twice when it finally coughed and splattered into life, and it was only on half choke and while pumping the throttle like a madman that it would tick over (in fashion), anyway I'd won it had started so I could rest now hahahaha, next day I decided to rip the varajet carb to bits and it was absolutely full of ****, but I persevered and built it back up airbox back on etc and I turned the key and it was running sweet within 1 revolution on the starter, I honesty cannot believe just how sweet it Is, absolutely as crisp as you like no tapping no knocking just absolutely sweet as a little Swiss watch, so that' it we know she runs now the next thing is to inspect the fuel tank and see if we can make it run using it' own tank, then once that's done I will reline all the brakes check the lights and get her in for an MOT....... but i am one happy puppy i cannot believe how well it runs and I now know 100% that this is going to be 1 cavalier that has been saved from the scrap yard in the sky, happy New year guys regards Tony
  3. Nooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyy.... neer mind mate as you say we have learned to keep everything now eh, Cheers dude I'm hoping it turns out to be a good one
  4. Use the Red with a blue trace from the engine loom into the car to switch the relay and your away
  5. I' also not a great fan of the old 1600 big block 8v carb engine, so back In the car and off we went....north west Scotland this time and went to meet Gav and his commander and his absolute wealth of knowledge and mass of parts all mk2 cav stuff, I ended up coming home with engine and body parts and grills and steering wheels and interior parts and a whole host of other stuff, but most importantly I got myself an 20xe conversion with loom ecu and lots of other things
  6. I'm not a fan of the 1.6L poverty spec trim so the first job was to source a nice interior trim, through the Facebook page Dave (with beige the turbo mk2) tagged me in a for sale post and I took a trip from Scotland down to Newcastle for a set of immaculate lxi front seats, I normally wouldn' have bought just fronts but I knew from previous discussion that Gav (with the absolutely mint cavaliet commander) had a set of hatch rears i could buy and try to make fit and a set of doorcards to match the lxi fronts, so away we went for the seats.....what a difference they made, I am going to get a dark carpet set for it and either buy a black dash and all interior plastics or else paint them (properly not woth an aerosol)
  7. And dragged the poor thing all the way home in the snow and wind and rain, and it spent it's first night outside in 18 years as it has been laid up in the garage since 99/2000, it's currently sat on the drive under a quilted cover and waterproof tarpaulin underneath untill I can get it in the new garage when we move, in January ..... hopefully, for the time being it's sat here
  8. I can't manage to start a new thread in the members project section hopefully a moderator or admin can move this post.... Ok so iv allways been an old school Vauxhall fan a huge fan of the nova's and iv had Astra GTE 16v more recently along with vectra mk3 cavalier and many more, if owned mk2 cavaliers before but iv never bought one specifically as a project car and that' exactly what this is, so to start we drove from Scotland down to Liverpool to collect the car
  9. That' great pal your lucky it' been in sea air at hull lol
  10. Hiya Got one sorted already mate i don' mess about lol, it' an 85/86 C reg 1600 L saloon in red, it' advertised on here me and Andy have come to an agreement and it will be coming wayyyyyyyy north very soon Can't wait to get started 😉😉😉😉😉
  11. Go and see what panels you can source and let me know what you end up with im not massively keen on putting arches into a shell thats sat outside because if you don' get them sealed quick there gonna rot out again bit its upto you i suppose its your car, floorpans is easy sills shouldn' be too bad as ong as you get decent qualty outers that fit iv seen some Chinese ones that you basically end up cutting into patches because they don' fit on any one side let alone all around, let me know what you get and I'll price it, I won' be up for driving from Scotland to weld all day to sleep in a tent and then weld all day again before driving all the way back up up lol but there is B&B available from 30 quid or if my camper conversion is done i may come in it, anyway let me know when your ready and I'll give you a price mate
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