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  1. This is a very very standard model here in Brazil. The magic is find a 4 door hatch or two whole front glass door . 😀😀
  2. This Ascona model is a dream not released in Brazil!! Is possible you send me detailed the sizes of bodykit later?? I will try to do a replica of that...
  3. News Pics today!!! wire tuck should be the new way...😎
  4. F16, in future it will be replaced by a F18 gearbox with cable gearshifter from vectra/astra.
  5. WOW!! It´s a high level boss job!! congratulations from Brazil.😎
  6. Some updates of weekend: teardown the c18ne engine Crankshaft STD needs polishing STD pistons need replace rings and bearing halves
  7. Here is the c18ne Engine initial cleanup! It was covered of old oil and dust...
  8. Thanks Guys, i will post updates soon!!! Pics of the initial gearbox cleanup...
  9. What´s up Guys!, I´m a Monza fanboy since child, actualitly, i´m in a "diy" work in progress of restoration of a two door Monza 1.8 white. I will soon post pics and more informations of this single alone project.
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