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  1. Hello everyone I'm Umar from Leeds West Yorks. Saloon 130's have always had a special place for me as a relative owned a burgundy saloon 130 when I was about 13 from then on that car was my dream, I spent many years dreaming that I'd own one one day...lol By the time I was old enough to drive insure and run a car 130s became extinct. Over the years I've owned many classics e30s vw corrado etc but the 130 dream has still not become true. Sat here at the age of near 40 and the love for the 130 has has still not died as I've become more nostalgic with age. Many times I've searched for saloon 130's but the one we had in the family is the only one I've ever seen in burgundy but classed as red on the logbook. Would appreciate any pics of saloon and your comment about the burgundy one is it a rare colour?
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